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Costly Internet Connection Problems For Dane

The Danish web designer and poker amateur Kristian Kofoed was leading PokerStars Sunday Million last Sunday and had a fantastic chance of reaching the final table where a first-place prize of $206,343 was up for grabs. But that was until the Internet connection suddenly gave up on him... "I rushed to my car and went around the block looking for a 3G connection," Kofoed wrote on his Facebook. Howe[...]   Read more » Costly Internet Connection Problems For Dane

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NO WAY!!! that's got to be one of the worst bad beat stories ever! you would definitely be on tilt for a while after that. So sick.

honest guys , i have had the same kind of problems each time i reached megadeep or into final table..

happened to me 3 times... lost connection
1 in a hand ,pot commited with a set of Qeeuns and a dry board..almost at final table
2 finished 14th place after i got back online also cripled down to 3 big blinds,,while i was in top 10 of chipleaders in that particulair tournament..
and another time,,forgot the exact situation ,,but that last one made me contact pokerstars support,,and complain.
in reaction they told me it was a problem on my side of the line,,pffff
eversince i play on another pc direct linked to my modem,,or how you call it..does not ocure anymore..thank god.
The sad thing about this hole story ,,haven't had the litlte bit of luck to reach a final table in months since mtt's.
So anxiously waiting for those days to return where luck is on my side...
yesterday in micro millions finished ITM ,but got kicked out with A-A vs 7-7 ,,the dude flops another 2 7's so made quads...leaving me with less then 25$ prizemoney..instead of 800k chips..seems like i may not win too much,,luck is totaly not on my side...
sng's are going ok,, but also up and downswings...which make a man tired of poker...
win a 180 player sng a fourth place and a fifht place in 2 days,,,then don't win any of those for over a is bizar sometimes..
yesterday won a 27 player sng..after that i was afraid and exhausted to play will play again today..later this afternoon..

now i read the comment of bullettooth1 and it reminds me again how mad and angry i was when i lost those connections 3 times..
firecrackers coming out my ears,nose, whatever hole i got..realy pissed,,even quited poker untill i knew how to solve this problem..

We all know loosing internet connection during a game is difficult to deal with, but when involving values like this it always leaves one more upset than in any other case. I can only think about a worst situation: big values in HU. There’s no way to stop playing in HU tourney, like in cash (here, the table puts the player sit out without paying blinds, so one doesn’t lose any money).

well i guess everyone who played for whle had these internet problems but ... to have lead at sunday milion and lose it then geez i would be extremly pissed off lol

Right after I had moved last time, it was around a week before the cable guy could come and do our internet connection. Not wanting to wait a week, and being the geek I am, I "borrowed" one of our neighbors wifi connections. Never had a problem with it, and was able to comfortably grind, until it started getting windy. Of course I had 6 SNGS going when the net decided to go out and not come back. I guess it's my own damn fault for "borrowiing" someone elses wifi but it still sucked.

If I was that guy, I'd seriously be livid. Losing that much money due to poor service is mega tilting. But it IS poker, and there's no saying for sure he wouldn't have lost that stack in 2-3 hands, but it still sucks. That feeling when your net goes down, and you frantically try and re-connect, meanwhile envisioning the other people at the table openly attacking your blinds, is a terrible feeling.

that is the biggest minus of playing online poker. In casino, it could not even happen. By the way, sad story

So sad when this happens esp in my freerolls yabba dabba doo,
being serious tho i know 1 pro who as lost over 80k in vegas over a year in bad con,
I also know 1 story Daniel Negrenu's cat jumped over and banged is laptop in a cash game for over 30k all-in click to a fold hand, sickkkk, he laughed it

by the way just for those who don't know his isp or nay in the world is not liable for any disconnections, if they were they would be out of biznzi imagine the millions of court cases for the sligtest thing ...mmm gg all gl

He could probably sue the internet providing company. To tell the truth i think him an idiot not desrving pity

If you play such tourneys, you always need to have a back up internet connection,
along with some power to spare if electricity is gone too.
I believe he learned his lesson.

That's bad luck !!! everything possible happen in our bad luck day. I just curious, no internet cafe or rent in Danish ? We should be have 2 different ISP from now, lol.
cheap in my country now, $10 per month unlimited but connection unstable. How in your country ?

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