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Police Neighbourhood Team Fired for Playing Poker on Duty

An entire neighbourhood policing team has been dismissed after they were disocoverd playing poker during working hours. The group, from Bromley in south-east London, were discover after an undercover operation in 2010 by the Metropolitan Police Service's Directorate of Professional Standards. The Metropolitan Police said the following in a statement: "The disciplinary panel heard eviden[...]   Read more » Police Neighbourhood Team Fired for Playing Poker on Duty

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When reading just the title this may seem an obvious attitude by those bosses, but knowing how things work, it can turn ridiculous. We all know what a police team do, but sometimes they can have “dead hours”, and perhaps there’s nothing wrong in occupying them playing. If it were firemen, no one would talk bad about them, if the siren doesn’t ring, one can be doing whatever he wants.

i suppose if they were just waiting around for something to happen then its not really a big deal is it? but if they were supposed to be out patrolling the streets, then they deserve to be sacked.

Today I saw a picture on a social network from a policeman shirt that would fit perfectly on this news. The shirt says “Police: my job is to save your ass, not kiss it”. I think it would be a great explanation for what these cops were doing, perhaps they were just playing poker because, at that time, there was no necessity of being on the streets, so why wouldn’t they relax a bit doing things like watching tv, smoking a cigar or even, like in this case, playing poker together…

I'm sure there was afull investigation since it was stated they were not performing their regular patrol duties which is wrong.
Now if there were just a couple hours of these other activities being found on an every other day basis or something it wouldn't be so bad, but it is in London and I do not know who pays the police their wages. Here in the states it's our tax money paying their salaries.

Wow they're BOSS Smile)) stay without work, play backgammon, watch TV, play poker and paid for that :| how da f... ? i play poker(i lose money) i watched TV(i wasted my time, i stop doing this bull...) i don't play backgammon(i play football) i'm not a police man, who pay me for that :X ? i think no one Sad

LOoool, hahah police, nice example again!

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