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Nice result fcumred...

Are you just in a winning streak last month or are you did yuo not post your prior results?

Well I assume you have a good bankrollmanagement and if you are playing buyins 11$ you should have a nice bankroll.

So nice to know that poker is profitable for you...

Posted by fcumred:
In the money in the $11 and $27.50 MTTs on Pokerstars.

6th out of 16 in the $11 game and 30th out of 61 in the $27.50.

Come on.. After the other night I need a couple of big cashes to get me back on track again.

Damn ... I missed it , and I searched for you on pokerstars last night Big Smile ...thought you weren't playing anything Big Smile , oh well , guess you have to repeat the performance tonight Big Smile

As you know, I watched the last 20minutes or so of your FT. Grats man, unlucky with the A9 vs AQ, you played it great- no fear on the bubble befoe HU started, you've got a really solid game man. Really impress, I'd happily wager a few bucks that of all the ACTIVE brm forum members, you gotta be doing the best in MTT profits for the last month or so.

Anyway, pretty clear you're developing your game a lot, heaps of really good results for you lately, I'm genuinely impressed Worship .

Retribution was recently talking about getting a strategy section going, if that get's off the ground at all, or even if you just wanna do your own thing - I reckon you should write up a strategy piece. Or if you can be fkd - maybe do a youtube, 'every hand revealed' kinda thing.

Anyway - I'd be really interested to read any tips and such that you have, you've obviously now proven you're not just a fish on a heat; since you've been fairly consistently running really deep.

Hey also. I noticed that you're a Gold Star VIP.. I know that's not a huge amount of rake, buuut also you're unlikely to rake any where near that much playing sub-$30 MTTs. What else do you play? And how are you running in other formats?

Anyway congrats again on a really good result, I seriously think you've got a really good chance that you'll be able step up soon, maybe play the $50-$100 MTTs regularly.

Keep us informed, if you do a blog or something, I'd have a read for sure.

Anyway - mostly you deserve to get a bit of praise, I know I can be a d**k sometimes and we've had our beefs. But credit where it is due and you're totally killing it at the moment. So grats and keep it up!

well well well where have we seen this before? fcumred owning mtt's on pokerstars Big Smile great job again Thumbs Up you really make it look easy, fantastic period u r having, hope this can continue...with these kind of result on a regular basis you will take no time to become a reg at the highest limits Thumbs Up

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BankrollMob Forum » Poker Forum » Another rail call

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