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^^^ Wise words magatt.

Yea I 100% agree with magatt ..
And good luck with upcoming games retribution I know you can make it into profit again ..
Just keep your head no matter the opponent Smile

Well, ran another session tonight, and of FUCKING COURSE it went horribly. Won 2 step 2's, but lost a lot of buyins in the process. Unbelievable the b******t I ran into, every single time I got called down and I was ahead I lost. PP vs 1 over? They hit. PP vs lower PP, they hit trips. 2 overs vs same suited overs, they catch a flush. Fucking so rattled, gunna take a few days away from poker.

Really not satisfied with how this run is going now, but all hope is not lost.

Oh, and here's a graph showing I'm running WELL under EV, in case someone (we all know who) trys to open their mouth and say "Oh ret's a bad player blah blah blah". Red line is EV, green is how I'm running. He'll probably use big words like "ICM" and "EV", but I frankly don't give a s**t since I've watched how he plays, and he obviously has no clue.

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Thanks for the HEM graph .. clearly shows you've been going all-in in the correct spots ..

Okay, after a nice relaxing holiday, will be resuming the grind tomorrow, since it's 2x points week again AND I anticipate there will be no shortage of drunk donks playing during the holiday season Smile

So i see for the moment spirits in this thread have calmed down Smile
No point discussing such matters and make yourself angry. You are falling into the same situation
like the one you posted chatting while playing.
You know which one im talking about.The one with godwins law Smile
Just relax, and play your best game. gl

Time for an update imo Blink

Posted by magatt966:
Time for an update imo Blink

Yeah, sorry about that. I've been pretty tied up with holiday s**t, moreso than I thought. Had thought I'd be able to sneak some play time in, but between family time, xmas and new years, it's been pretty hectic. I apologize, but I'm hoping to get some more volume put in. Girlfriend is going to be gone for 2 weeks, starting on the 11th, so I don't know what things are going to be like before then but I'll post when I can lock something in.

Thanks for everyones patience, hope you all had a good holiday.

*Edit* don't worry, maniez and ticketz are still safe.

Edited by retribution (02 January 2013 @ 18:51 GMT)

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No prob man, that's ok here Thumbs Up

just keep us posted

Okay, so I've been caught up in getting back into the swing of work, plus helping my gf get ready for her trip, plus holiday obligations as well as new years, and don't anticipate things will be any better until she leaves. The good news is, she leaves late friday, so after I take her to the airport, I will have 2 weeks of absolutely nothing to do.

So as of next saturday, I will be grinding like a mofo until this bitch is done. Seriously apologize for how long it's taking, just didn't anticipate things being as busy as they are. I could put in some games, but after all my day duties are done, I wouldn't be playing my a-game.

Only got 8 games in today, and even those games took almost 2 hours to get going. Barely anyone on, so I just gave up. Was a decent session, although lost a couple flips to ridiculous calls. Including AQ vs J2o, when someone who was like 73/9 open limped UTG. How the hell you limp UTG with j2o and then call a LP shove is beyond me.

Anyways, ended up around 1.5BI. Will try tomorrow during the day, when there's more traffic.

sounds good....1.5 BI is always better than a kick in the balls Smile

lmao @ this thread took me 30 mins read to it all, Sleepy

hey dozn...where u been? Haven't heard from u in awhile. U been a good boy?....doubt it Big Smile

Posted by magatt966:
sounds good....1.5 BI is always better than a kick in the balls Smile

....or a sniper Blink

Posted by dozn01:
lmao @ this thread took me 30 mins read to it all, Sleepy

Should have waited for it to come out in audio form. I bet you have a headache after all that reading.

Anyways, ANOTHER fucking b******t session. My hands just aren't holding. 4 times I ran pocket Kings into either 1 over, or an under pair, and 4 fucking times they sucked out. Won 1 step 2, but lost 5 step 1's in the process, so down again, although massively +ev.

Pretty sure I ran into 2 players colluding too. I mean there's NO WAY to explain this fold:

Full Tilt Poker Game #31892311060: Step 1 (Super Turbo) (247591652), Table 1 - 40/80 - No Limit Hold'em - 22:06:08 ET - 2013/01/14
Seat 1: Retribution1979 (400)
Seat 2: Serg228 (480)
Seat 3: geeza09 (170)
Seat 4: JohnnyQuid787 (425)
Seat 6: JBjackpot69 (90)
Seat 8: rippfluid (980)
Seat 9: chucky111 (155)
JBjackpot69 posts the small blind of 40
rippfluid posts the big blind of 80
The button is in seat #4
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to Retribution1979 [Jc 6s]
chucky111 folds
Retribution1979 folds
Serg228 folds
geeza09 folds
JohnnyQuid787 folds
JBjackpot69 raises to 90, and is all in
rippfluid has 15 seconds left to act
rippfluid has timed out
rippfluid folds
rippfluid is sitting out
Uncalled bet of 10 returned to JBjackpot69
JBjackpot69 mucks
JBjackpot69 wins the pot (160)
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 160 | Rake 0
Seat 1: Retribution1979 didn't bet (folded)
Seat 2: Serg228 didn't bet (folded)
Seat 3: geeza09 didn't bet (folded)
Seat 4: JohnnyQuid787 (button) didn't bet (folded)
Seat 6: JBjackpot69 (small blind) collected (160), mucked
Seat 8: rippfluid (big blind) folded before the Flop
Seat 9: chucky111 didn't bet (folded)

And I don't buy for one fucking second that he timed out, since that was the ONLY time I saw him hesitate for even a second. I also watched after the hand, and he didn't sit out or miss a beat the next hand. BB was actively aggressive towards the entire table, EXCEPT that guy. Going to send FT a report, however I don't expect them to do s**t all about it. I mean, how much more fucking obvious could it be. There's litterally NO way to justify that fold which is why he purposely timed out, so that he didn't have to.

If it was just one hand it may happen.
It has happened to me before raising a bet with nuts, the other player reraised
and before i even pressed the all in button i lost the stupid connection.
So eventually my hand was folded and lost it.

Posted by retribution:
.... I will have 2 weeks of absolutely nothing to do...

So as of next saturday, I will be grinding like a mofo until this bitch is done...

seems like it is not happening Confused
seems like you lost your initial enthusiasm Confused

it's time to take a decision imho

Seems the fire cooled down indeed...

FT is not the same site is was before Black Friday. Not the only one that noticed this as I read on the training site where I'm studying PLO strategy that FT is down 53% of players from it's new start up.
Think things will get worse before they better. They need their US player base back and soon. "Two hours to get 8 games going" is not a good sign imho. Back in the day one cud blow 8 of these types of games off in no time. Smile

The maximum number of players i have seen so far in Full Tilt was about 53000,
but that was only once.
In general the numbers as been said are way down and old players have to have noticed that.

Are we gonna see any closure on this staking any time soon? Smile

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