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So i wanna start discussion here about the promotions and events on poker sites, ive noticed that Unibet has some really cool freerolls nowadays, i mean daily $1000 (i guess its some insane hyper hyper turbo) it has 2 min blinds, but still for a freeroll very nice indeed, then there is 500Euro daily Turbo rebuy with 6 min blinds, PartyPoker has many promotions for christmas, and even i that one of those who deposited there once in lifetime, and still im able to claim these christmas cards everyday, and usualy it gives ticket for $2000 freeroll. so its pretty awesome, And im sure the rewards would be even greater when i would deposit and play there during this promotion, So FTP has many 150$ freerolls in a day but thats it, Now the client where i play the most and deposit the most PokerStars, has basicly for me as a reward the lowest, despite me depositing there, i mean $1000 freeroll 4 times in a day, but the field is so huge.. when i run decent i take some cents and end up "itm" best place so far was 21th. and that was quite unlucky after running good, my AKsuited lost very important hand for 1.8m which if i won im sure i would end up in final table, and with little of luck claiming top5 places Sad sadly the poker gods weren't on my side so. i do not really count these min cashes. So and what are your thoughts guys on the ongoing promotions on the sites?

Ps: i hope PokerStars will eventually make a promotion for christmas too along with FTP, but im not sure about this one, they earn a lot of money already, so they couldn't care less, quite surprised by PartyPoker that they have made such promotion.

Ps 2 : i didn't mentioned the awesome christmas promotion from BRM for us. Its aswell pretty pretty nice and im glad im part of this community.

Regards and GL on the tables everyone during this time of year. Smile

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I think the best promotions you can find this season are on bankrollmob Big Smile

I personally think that stars and ftp should have some good promotions, especially for members that want to deposit!

Pokerstars / FTP / 888poker ( got 2 tickets for 2 tournaments each $10k( they are running every day untill 01/01/2013 ) and if you go showdown with a pair of 88s , you get another ticket , so if you are luky you can have every day a ticket Big Smile , btw you can have only 1 ticket/day with a pair of 88s ), this night i have used 1 ticket hope to get something from there ) and they have something crazy for deposit ... deposit $20 and you get $80 , same via Netteller on 888poker ... sooo it's nice on december month.

and ofc , bankrollmob Big Smile

Party Gaming has been mentioned. I have noticed myself promos at Unibet, Betsson and Coral. Those cover the whole company, so they are not always for the poker rooms there.

Full Tilt needs to collect some money Smile so dont expect to see great offers there.

Now for the rest of the sites didnt get anything really good for these days, in my email
besides some deposit bonus offers

So it is clear, FTP and poker stars are running only depositors freerolls many times per day. I am too suprised of party poker they made it for all. But agree with you.Poker stars and FTP make much more profits ,then others sites,so they can easly make huge cjhristmas promotions for are their members. I am glad BrM has so pretty promotins too and hope i can win some this huge freeroll tickets.

888 after great 10000$ freerols for their anniversary, they have again 2 tickets for everyone in their christmas freerols playing everyday till 30.december I guess. So far best promotion I think. Uniibet has daily 1000$ and 500$ freerols. But especially 1000 freerol is totaly sick with 2 min levels Big Smile Its 99% lottery, 1 % poker Smile I didnt noticed any promotion for christmas on FT or PS yet.

i think pokerstars are gonna offer something for christmas/new year: maybe a deposit/reload bonus, maybe some free tickets with the deposit (similar to pca ones)- full tilt look a bit off the pace with the promos to me- it seems that there is still a lot of room for improvements in full tilt: in terms of promos & in terms of average numbers of players too

Yup...the only ones I can see are on Party Poker (Big Surprise...glad I found it on day 1)... and of course the BIGGEST and best and most imaginative is right here on our good old BankRollMob who are making this the best poker Christmas this year!!!!!

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