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give me some ideas please anything would help for my bankroll is $25 on pokerstars what ideas could u give to build it ,

with 25$ u can paly NL2 (0.01$/0.02$) with SSS or MSS strategy (if you don't know what are those look for them in strategy forum) or 0.50$ SNG if u want to respect bankroll management. you need to have 40, 50 buy-ins.

It really depends on what you like to play most but i don't advice you to play tournaments right know...

The only option are micro cash games(1/2 cents) and of course SNG. For cash games my advice would be to use middle stack strategy so you should have around 25 buy ins Blink

Try to play only at the micro limits tables and especially at the 0.01/0.02 cents
When you double your money you can play tables with higher buy ins.
Try at first a few variations of the game to see what suites you best. gl

Depends, 1. What is your game. 2. What is your style 3. How do you currently rate your game. Then there are a whole series of further questions, you will have to figure out yourself, 1st one How much time have you got to play this time etc.
Next. I like to allow myself a portion on tournies within my limit i.e about 10% bank roll, but you need to put aside 4 hours or more, so, I try to find the one that suits in advance and plan to play that particular tourney.
My spare time kind of as above, with a fer SnG mtt around the $1 mark, 90 players.
You do not, in my opinion, want to under or overplay your roll, going into "Disposable" tournies or a too high cash game will lessen your rolls worth. good luck out there!

I suggest you play 25cent/50cent sit and gos for tourneys and $2NL Short stack( buy in no more then $1 and leave when you double up). GL Big Smile

$2 6 player max sit and go's gl at the tables with the 25$ Big Smile

Posted by mreid123:
give me some ideas please anything would help for my bankroll is $25 on pokerstars what ideas could u give to build it ,

agh yes bank roll management. Ironicly it is the arguably the single most important skill a player can develop. I know all the theory and the reason to practice good BRM but I hate doing it Smile

The question you are asking is not easily answered as we do not know what style your game is.
what I mean is are you a limit or no limit poker player? are you perhaps a STUD player or Omaha Hi/lo? You get the point.

Lets for this moment pretend you are a No Limit Texas Holdem player with a $25 USD bankroll.

If this is the case then you might want to play the rounder tables at the 0.01/0.02 level, at these table you can sit down with as little as $0.80 USD with a max buyin of $2.00 USD. However, it will normally ask you to deposit $1.00 USD when you first sit down.
I recommend the $1.00 buy in level and consider a rolling stop gap of 50/100.
That means if you lost $0.50 USD or more at the table you cut your loses and leave that table, you also leave when your initial $1.00 USD buy in becomes $2.00 or more. you bank the profits.
Play a tight/agressive ABC poker style and you should do fine.
also $0.25 USD 45 man sit and goes played the same way can be very profitable as the top 7 places make the money whereas the 90 man sit n go tournament only pay the top 12 places.
This means the percentage of payout is more in your favor when playing the 45 man tournaments.
You might also think about the $0.10 USD MTT $100 added tournaments and the $0.25 USD with $100 added as well.
One more thing to consider is if you can handle the 0.01/0.02 Euro tables Smile

I hope this helps you somewhat.

Ronin Harper Cool

25 dolars you can play sngs of 0.25 cents - is the perfect bankroll for those sng s

With just 25 bucks you should play the lowest stakes available. Some rooms offer NL2. Try to find one, and play there, if you want to play cash games. Another choice is $1 or less Sit and Gos. The DoN variant, if one can find them at the $1 level.

you have to chose yopur game : hold m types, omaha, stud ,....

Than make a choice :1 table- SNG, MTT-SNG, MTT or cash table

buy in : cash 0.01/0.02$, 1 table 0.25 or 0.5$ $, MTT SNG 0.25$, MTT 0.10$ (as Ronin Harper suggested I would also recommend the MTT with 100$ added)

Keep playing at the same buy-ins till you double up your bankroll. If your bankroll drops vback to 40$ , go back to these buy-ins.

0.01/0.02 cnt untill you have 50 times the bigblind for next level, when you lose, move back down again...

Just as other people say if you want to do it the right way play the lowest limits cash games or low buy in sng'g or the lowest mtt's.

But you must be prepared to spend a lot of time even moving up a few dollars.

If you are a gambler and not able to do that ALL the time for a long time then better take the gamble and try to double or triple your money fast sitting at 1 table with your whole BR

If its your life savings i would choose the first option

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