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The official numbers for PokerStars' Eureka main event were released and it appears all records were broken.An impressive 652 players paid the €1,100 entry fee for the event, almost doubling the tour's previous record.
Having joined forces with the European Poker Tour for the first time this year, PokerStars' Eureka event has now become the most successful ever.
Commenting on the achievement, EPT President, Edgar Stuchly, said:
"I am very excited about the huge number of participants for this Eureka finale. It shows that the decision to partner national tours and the EPT was the right one and is well appreciated by players."

to me it's a bit of a head-scratcher where does this Eureka event stand in terms of ept schedule- is it part of the schedule as one of the ept events or is it a complementary event to the ept schedule? anyways it seems that whatever poker event pokerstars touch turns into a huge success

What is the Eureka main event all about anyway? I mean isn't it just a high dolar / Euro buyin event that takes place every year or is it something more then that and basically anyone who pays the entry fee can get in? Be nice to know a little about this!

why are you copying and pasting articles from other pokersites ( ironically a major rival to this one ).

I really wish admin would stop people doing this. It costs BRM money, and its annoying becuase its not like the posts have any value to them.

If people can't make up their own posts, they should have all their points taken from them and banned from posting. Its getting ridiculous now.

The champion of Eureka Prague, the biggest ever Eureka poker tour event, is Menikos Panagiotou. The 29-year-old Cypriot had already outlasted 644 players to reach the final eight and he absolutely ran over the final table today, eliminating six of his seven opponents to claim the first prize of €137,100.

The Eureka Poker Tour is the first PokerStars sponsored tour to not use a geographical name. The tour takes place in several locations in Eastern and Central Europe, but that was a bit too much of a mouthful to say, so it was decided to use something more abstract for the name.

loool that was a practical solution: if event takes place in location which is a tongue-breaker to pronounce: then just create a new name with no attachment to any location at all. in terms of the player the name is not an issue it seems- they don't give a sh1t what it's called as long as they are in Big Smile

Well, i think that this big hit of Eureka definately had to do with the fact that they joined forces with european poker tour Smile

In the end i think it's good for the players, even with a 1k buy in we should see some consistent prizes this time Big Smile

It would be nice to play that tournament! Lucky!

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