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1. Analyzes the game

It is the most important skill of Poker. Always try to put your opponent on the ropes. Analyze your way to bet, and try to anticipate their letters, how to act. Your opponent calls the bet when he has bad hands and has good rises when?. Always keep in mind the number of players in the pot, the more likely that someone with a good hand if there are many players that if there are few. Finally, adjust your game according to your analysis, pay attention to the game. Poker is a game that gets more interesting the more you learn.

2. Play only the best hands pre flop

This will make your decisions easier preflop. Here is my guide for beginners on how to play before the flop:

With big pairs (AA - JJ) and AK or AQ, your goal is to isolate yourself against a player. Increases the bet if the rivals are betting a small amount. With hands 67, 78, 89, 9T, JT, QJ, KQ is preferable for many opponents see the bet in a boat not far gone. Do not play weak aces (A9-A2) and discard hands as K2, K9, Q5, 85, 74, no matter if they play or not. Play only the best hands to get a good weapon. Reverted hands with AJ-AT, KQ-KT or worse.

3. Play wisely on the flop

Against one or two players, you should bet if you have a pair or better hand. But if someone raises the bet, you should consider whether you have the best hand or not, if you're confused, retreat is the best option, especially if the pot is small.

If you think your opponent will retire if betting is the best way to take the pot. Note that when only one player remaining, betting on a pair or better hand third of the time you have to react. Often it is right for a semi-bluff, bet with one or two players. Sometimes you will win the pot immediately. Others see the bet but hits his hand with the turn in the hope of winning a big pot.

4. Do not post too often betting

Never think big bets or equal a big pot with top pair or a high card and another weak, as they are not common lanterns increasing the pot. It is more likely that your opponent has a strong hand. No attempts bet you see the ladder. Nor equal if possible straight or flush. Make sure you have good options for such hands jackpot.

5. Not equal higher will not help you win

Never same or you increase when a ladder possibility color table. No same or you increase with cards that can be broken easily. If there is a pair on the board, not look for a straight or a flush, someone could have a full. When you increase the stakes, be clear that you have best hand.

6. Do not do too many bluffs

The player is weak in low-limit games, do not bluff. They will see your bet with anything. Choose the right situation where unlikely that match your bet. The optimal situation is to bluff on the flop, with a high card and no straight or flush possibilities.

7. Controls the size of the pot

You have to be the one to bet and to set the size of the pot, do not let your opponents do that. Build and win big pots with big hands and tries to save the well with bad hands.

Strong bet with a good hand if you feel that your opponent will match. Bet least wrong hands and get ready to leave if your opponent equals or exceeds your bet. But be sure to mix up your play betting small amounts really big hands.

And always in relation to the well on purpose! example the well is 1 u $ s and got the 25% chance of winning on purpose 25c

8. Funds Management (bankroll)

Poker is a game of wild swings. Be sure to play at a level that will not cause the wreck. Manages your funds wisely and play at a comfortable level. If you become wise in poker, make sure you have 15 buy in max input before trying higher limits.

Example: If you got 150, would play tables recommended 5c 10c with max buy in 10 u $ s

9. Play with discipline and patience

Do not play when you are tired, distracted or impatient to win or catch up. Play only when you play well to crush your opponents with a powerful game, since the vast majority of online poker players are there for the thrill of playing. They play for leisure, which means a lot and bad game. Do not get your level when you know you can play better.

The secret is to win long enough, consistently, and not make a lot one day and the next day lose everything, that does not help!

10. No roulette or blackjack jugues

These games are random, does not depend on the qualities of your game like poker, you can win initially but eventually you end up losing.

Finally, be sure to play Poker on the basis of this advice. It is important to follow the correct poker strategies and do not waste your money on bad cards. Yourself inculcate discipline and patience.

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