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My Party Bankroll  +7   
Hey guy's I just wonna share/brag about my Party Poker bankroll from BRM. It's not a fortune but comming from 25$ the 10th December im proud to say that im now at 3K $ to be exact 3171,91 Dollar . I have build a couple of bankroll through my pokertime but all the other times I build and withdrawn so I never got to play higher limits only low limit with all the fishes Big Smile a bit chicken I know Big Smile but in this way I kept it as a fun hobby and also in that way im allways the winner Big Smile Dollar
But this time should be different and I decided to build up a roll that would be a steady roll for NL200 which is 4000$ after my bankroll management. Even though I decided that this time I wouldn't withdraw any money I couldnt keep away so I have withdraw 1000$ just to feel/taste my winnings. Looking back if I hadn't made that withdraw I would be at my goal now 4K$ but f it at the games im playing now 800$ is just a couple of days Smile
More wants more and I have now set a new goal I wonna become a regular/have a steady roll for NL1000 which would be 20.000$ or even more if I go after a dynamic bankroll management which perhaps would be smart but I will find out in time.

To end of this long post I will tell a litlle about my game:

Allways cash, I just searched my name on Sharkscope since December I have only played 7 tourneys and my ROI is at 307% Big Smile

My cash games are allways short rings. 6 handed is my best game but HU is ok too.

Allways full buy-in LAG style.

My level right now is NL100 but often I multitable NL50 instead since the NL50 players have been so gentle to me but very soon probably next week I will start at NL200 cross your fingers for me Cool

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Nice work. Glad for you Smile but for NL200 you need 6000$ and for NL1000 50000$ if
3000BB rule Smile gl

Great job mate ! That's the way to build a fortune !

That's really really nice M3... they even made it sticky...
By the way, I'm on a slump right now, Can I hire you to play my bankrolls? Blink
Maybe win some for me. hahahaha
anyways great job dude! Worship

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Worship My fingers are cross Worship Very good job Thumbs Up

Thanks guys im well on my way to that fortune Tongue haha.

@im2good4u....yeah sticky pretty cool, ty admin Thumbs Up

on a slump? does it mean that you are stuck?

I would love to help but I think I've seen or maybe even played against you(think I remember the name from before BRM) once a couple of years ago and thought you play pretty solid poker Thumbs Up
I just play the cards "correct" straight forward ABC poker but very aggressive and use my position and squize play alot. So im not a fancy player that out play's my opponent I just wait for the right times Cool

I'm still not that very confident at my poker skills, so most of the time I play tight, too tight that i sometimes lose.

it's not that i'm stuck, its just that my skills still suck at the moment. Aww crap!

Win some lose some Smile

You can watch some free pokervideos at pokertrikz they are good learning I think, just pick your limit Cool

Congratz M3turbo. I think I'm going to try cash game with a free bankroll..I just love sit and gos though. Do you just play 1 table? And btw, are you using poker office?

Sticky for a while, along with Mago666's great story as well Big Smile

Sticky Thumbs Up


4 tables NL50 or 2 tables NL100 once a while I play a litle NL200 but I try to stick with the correct bankroll management. Im still using PokerOffice but maybe I'll go back to Pokertracker soon.

turbo you are doing very well!!! i dont have the pation to play with a good bankroll managenent but i concider me as a winning player who has short temper Smile

Seems like many player here at bankrollmob build nice bankrolls here Smile it's nice to hear Thumbs Up

Very nice job champ, keep up the good work. Thumbs Up
Soon you will be taking money from the pro's Tongue

Thanks guys Smile I know it's borring but bankroll management is really the keyword here. It does take alot of time and discipline but it's the right way to do it....I think Cool
I read Mago666 story a long time ago and decided I can do that too and now im well on my way....still a long way to go but now I got a proper roll and the profit now is well worth the wait.
Hope to hear similar story from you guy's soon Blink


You like those trick questions huh?

When I opened Pokeroffice today the key we are using seems to be blocked(which you perhaps knew) so that "soon" I was talking about earlier will turn into now instead Smile

m3turbo can you tell me some tricks of your success like about your bankroll management? how many buy ins you need to play nl20? nl10? or to pllay nl50? tell me?

Sure mate Smile I just go by the rule max buy-in 5% of total bankroll or that you need 20 buy-ins at the level you wonna play but it should be the same Smile
If you are an experienced player you can easily buy-in for 10% or even more, but a long downswing which everyone will experience sooner or later will be devastating if you buy-in for more than 10%.
There is nothing wrong in playing out of bankroll as long as you are ready to step down immedeately if things should go wrong.
Wouldn't recommend it but you could play 2 tables NL100 with a 400$ bankroll and still have 4BI's for NL50 if things should go wrong. A kind of secured rocket.
I just did it the slave way by allways having 20BI's at the level im playing besides that im not trying to outplay my opponent(they are often too bad to be outplayed, they wont let go of mediocre hands) so I just wait for their mistake and try to get maximum value on the good hands.

Edited by M3turbo (30 April 2008 @ 14:39 GMT)

woah thats really cool. hope to win more money with my free bankrolls too

M3turbo, Ya, I was asking because the key I was using for Poker Office got black listed lol Smile There were more keys included, not sure if all are blacklisted.

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