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Hi all, I tried deposit to 138sungame with moneybookers ( cash draw from BRM, in my account in 2 days Smile ty BRM ) but I got a problem.

I clicked skrill logo on deposit page from 138sungame home page, sent me to login to skrill (payment to 138sungame), after I login , I should make payment method , Visa, bank transfer and DEPOSIT MONEY VIA OUR SITE FIRST !. Why ? I have balance there. and I deposit lower than my balance.

From there the problem start, I couldn't use my balance. I tried deposit to other site and success.
Live chat of 138sungame couldn't help.

Anyone know what's the problem ? had same experience ?

please share and let me know. Thanks

i used moneybookers (skrill) when i took the BRM ndb a while back,i won i think it was 75 british pounds on the slots and had to deposit to withdraw,so i clicked on the skrill link in 138 sun game's cashier option and then put in my password when i went to skrill page and the transaction went through easily
also when i withdrew there was no problems Thumbs Up
don't forget Serpang that site uses british pounds and not dollars

Posted by teddybears73:

don't forget Serpang that site uses british pounds and not dollars

that's solve my problem. Thanks Teddy Smile Smile Smile

maybe it did work for Serpang, but i doubt the problem was there: it doesn't matter what currency your skrill is in, whenever you try to make a deposit/ or withdraw to skrill account- a currency conversion is being done, so you shouldn't be stopped by this issue imo, it could've been sth else

I never deposited on 138sungame, but if their live chat can’t help you, you should contact them through e-mail, that’s the most reasonable thing to do. They have to be available to explain you why did you had those problems. There’s nothing to do with Skrill in this case because you managed to do similar operations with other sites, so you really need to contact 138sungame through email to see how things can be solved.

Since you have funds in your account and works fine with all the rest of the sites,
then its probably a technical issue from their side.
Someone had a similar problem a while ago in another site.
Only their support can help you there.

its definitely a currency issue. i had the same problem before when i was trying to deposit on 888. i used to see what the rates were but the poker site or skrill use different rates so i had to make my deposit amount less and then it went through fine.
good luck

Was it you bullet? Cause i remember a thread with such a problem as i said above ,and now i remembered i had read about the currency issue too.
But yes when currency is involved better have more balance, than the exact amount,
since every site uses its own rate based on where they get their conversion from.

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