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hey, folks

Yesterday i was railing a friend of mine(supernova on stars) and suddenly i saw a player which name has passed a few times on different pokersites/forums ...

My buddies name is monpie120,, ok DUTCH player ,supernova since november 2012(making deasent cashes
in the last 3 months)
The other guy i mentioned nickname : apestyles (canadian player with over 1,5 million online tournament winnings and pokerinstructor/teacher)

at that point they were both playing a 109$ buy-inn Mtt ..and both running deep..

so as usual i searched for all tables of both players since i can't find my all time favorite player ''uhhmee'' (seems to have disappeared from stars,at least for a month now)

apestyles was playing just 2 tourneys: the 109$ and a 1050$ with a 542.000$ prizepool

result : monpie finished in the 109$ as 28th.. made a bad play by shoving with J-7 ofsuit in middle position..without being totaly crippled, although pretty shortstacked

so only apestyles still in both tournaments...apestyles results:and he reached both final table

Date Tournament Game 1st Prize Winner Buy in Entries Rank Prize
12 Dec 12 N Lim Hol * HENL iguaratiane $162 468 3 $7,371
11 Dec 12 N Lim Hol * HENL apestyles $1,050 542 1 $102,980
09 Dec 12 N Lim Hol HENL qwrMonagas $109 905 6 $3,656
14 Nov 12 N Lim Hol HENL apestyles $44 303 1 $2,345
13 Nov 12 N Lim Hol HENL DonLinnet $55 500 4 $1,900
28 Oct 12 N Lim Hol HENL TryToExploit $109+ 1002 7 $10,390
18 Oct 12 N Lim Hol HENL veeea $82 264 5 $1,274
13 Oct 12 N Lim Hol HENL onesixty8 $320 426 4 $10,544

as we all can see, and learn ...a thing i already knew...the smaller the field, the higher the chance of succes...

at micro's we all play huge fieldsizes with too much players/ less chance to win the damn thing..

just wanted to share this info with you ..hopefully i've just given you guys something to think about.

now only thing we need is $$$$$ to buy-inn in such smallfield tourneys...and start winning some serious cash..maybe even lifechanging..

the rest of his results can be checked on result-sites as you all know..maybe interesting to see his total record...

By the way ,half of the pokerstarspro's and lot's of regs in that tourney..another great succesfull player got my attention in that 1050$ TOURN. nickname munchenHB

won over a million in 1 touney last year ,,if i'm not wrong in the wcoop ,seen an articles on his result here at BRM in the newssection

he got second place for a 88K$, not bad at all..

THE RICH ARE GETTING RICHER Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Edited by uhhcallmi (13 December 2012 @ 03:22 GMT)

i dunno if playing smaller field tournaments is the answer to becoming a winning mmt player. the less the player, the smaller the prizepool, yeah it may be big when you look at the amount in cash, but it's a totally different thing if you look at it as buy-ins: winning a smaller fiels tourney is similar to winning a multi table sng imo

You seemed to have forgot it is a lot harder to get to the FT on these tourneys because the players are so much better, no doubt you will bust many of a micro bankroll trying to hit that big one. $100 buy ins can be crippling even to a nice bankroll.

If you do go for it dont come here crying when your As get busted all in with J10 off Big Smile

That’s why we can count with the fingers of one hand the number of players that actually learned something playing freerolls. You can always think about entering to bigger buy-ins SnGs instead of smaller buy-ins MTT with less players, this way you know there won’t be more than the limited number of players and you also have better chances to get to the paid places. The probability should be equal, when thinking about a $5 or $10 buy-in SnG with a field of 90, or a tourney with similar buy-in (except that in these the field may increase easier).

If you wanne play smaller playerfields, try to play at less crowded pokersites.

Even if you only play freerolls, I would not play them on PS --> to many players there with a lot of bingo players.

I prefer to play on less crowded sites like terminal poker, but s everyone has to make his choice

thnks for replies,, still i think in these i got better chances,,,

of course i wanna still compete in the huge fields as well,, for instance the 1.10$ rebuy with 30 and 60 k guaranteed..

what i wanna say is, winning a 180 player sng is do able and reaching f-table is not too difficult..

instead in a 7000 and up playersfield you need more then skills to win such tournament..

if you get 4 times K-K in such tournament ,your probably bust out if you shove those all pre flop..

not to mention all A-K hands or lower pairs , like Q-Q ,J-J 10-10...

you just have to dodge alot more and win a lot more flips...

of course you play against stronger opponents...but nobody can see the cards before they have been anybody can bust out with any card,,,

Im not sure about this..
But I'm thinking like this:
If you do not count the skill of players...

Play a $5 tournament with 1000 players, its 1% chance to be in FT
Play a $10 with 500 players, its 2% chance to be in FT

Both the tournaments have a prizepool of $5k
In $10 your chances are double the chances of the $5 one ..
But then again $10 buy-in is 2 x $5 ..

Posted by uhhcallmi:

instead in a 7000 and up playersfield you need more then skills to win such tournament..
if you get 4 times K-K in such tournament ,your probably bust out if you shove those all pre flop..

But that's also true .. But like I said I'm not really sure about this ..and like somebody already said there are sit'n'gos as well Smile

I know that there are guys that won BIG on tournaments but only those that search them on specialized sites see what their winnings are.

I think once you hit a vertain limit i think it's more profitable to play bigger buy ins mtt with a smaller player pool.

Play sng with 90-180 players lol.

Sounds like the player is just a good player and making money being one. Not the rich get richer gig. I mean has a poor person ever gave you a job. We need wealthy people to build businesses and promote jobs for the person who wants to work for a living.

Sorry, but just wanted to make my point about the rich getting richer. My buddy grosses 3 million on his social security number or W2's, but after paying employees and maintaining business cost he makes about $75,000 to $100,000. Nothing close to what the government see's and they want to raise taxes on anyone grossing over $250,000. All it's going to do is cost people their jobs. Oh, let's not forget the idiot O'bama care.

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