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December must be one of the months in which BRM does more operations regarding the withdrawal of mobpoints. The mobpoint rate is based on the value of the dollar, so my question is: how can I know how much will I receive in euros when I decide to withdraw my mobpoints? 5,000 mobpoints = $50. True. But in July, $50 = €42 and now $50 = €38.
When I pass my mobpoints to my e-wallet, they already appear in euros. Which is the identity responsible for doing that conversion? If it’s the e-wallet, I will have to ask them in which rate conversion system are they based on, so I can follow that too to decide about the best day to do the withdrawal. But if it’s BRM, perhaps it was nice to have those values constantly available on some part of the site, so that mobsters could follow that and see what would be the best time to convert their mobpoints.

Good question, I am also interested about it. I will wait for answer, but I think that its changing daily by "official" exchange rates by world bank or european central bank or whatever.. Smile

I assume that if our payment team has to do the conversion, they will just google "50 usd in euro" to get the current value in euro, and transfer that amount. But if we can send in dollars, then we do that, and then it's up to the recipient to convert.

It is hard to know the rate, and honestly i dont see the reason asking for it since
BRM doing its best. No matter what the rate is you have to accept it.
The only thing, that you can do is estimate when to request the cash out.
Cause in order to know the exact rate, BRM will have to notify you about what day they
are going to do the transfer, and according to this by finding out which currency exchange firm
your ewallet is using, to decide if you want the cash out or not.

So bottom line. BRM will have to tell you what day they are gonna cash out, before they do,
too much hassle and i wouldnt do it if i were them.

The exchange rate is set by your ewallet. Ask them about the company they use.

And we are talking about 50$ transfer, you are not losing millions from the exchange rate.

How cheap are you Fakiry?
Is almost free money and complaining that the US $ is weaker in December?
Sue Obama for the rest of what you consider you lost in transactions!

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aye the easy way would be to not cash out your mob points until you are happy with the exchange rate. Thumbs Up

fcuk the paper i want my mobpoints to be converted to gold & shipped to me in the form of golden boobs statue

With the high price of gold you either get a really tiny statue, or you will need millions of mob points. Blink

The currency for e-wallet is fixed when the wallet is created. Maybe they will change that later, but usully they don't, if the wallet has been used.

Not sure if you know but skrill if you use them for your cashouts takes indeed a fee when there are transactions in different currency...

Too bad that you didn't opted for a e-wallet in us dollars, this way all your poker transactions would be free of taxes and you only pay a commision when you cashout to your bank account.

It's basically all free other then the time one spends enjoying themself here in the forum so, not being sarcastic, but what does it matter. Now if one was making investments with their own money it would or should then, become a concern.
Not saying it's not wise to get the most out of it that you can, but since it's small potato's anyway it's just not worth the effort to monitor the exchange rates to close. My opinion! Which isn't usually worth a lot.


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