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Hi everyone,

i am kinda new here. Just wanna ask if i going to start playing for SnG tourney or MTT tourney with a BR of $50. Where should i cap myself the Buy-in to the Tourney ? When can i go to the next lvl lets say if i wanna move upwards?

Thanks !!

First of all, WELCOME Big Smile
I'm not sure about sit and go's because i don't really play them but for proper bankroll management playing mtt's you want to be buying in for no more than 1% of your bankroll because they are so big in variance that you could go for ages without cashing.
but that being said there isn't much of a choice of 50c tourneys out there. so a would say stick to one dollar mtt's. then if you win a couple you can play some bigger one's.
but don't go mad. remember 1% is the ideal buy in.

good luck Thumbs Up Big Smile

Welcome to BRM, you should enjoy your time here...can be alot of fun. Not sure where you play, if you want to try out MTT SnG's the 45 or 90 seat types start as low as 0.25 to 0.50 BI's. They're a cheaper way to start off and run anywhere from 1.5 to 2.5 hrs to complete. They're good practice for regular MTT's as well. Some sites run STT's as low as 0.10. Depends on your preference. Smile

Since both kind of tournaments have a different play style you will need to play
a few in low limits to see what suits you the best.
Now, with this bankroll i would go up to a 1$ buy in. When you double you can increase the

I wouldn't play real MTTs with a $50 bankroll. But low stakes SnGs are playable. Some of those are multi table SnGs, and if you want to play MTTs later, you can add a few of those multi table SnGs to your schedule.

Deposit it on Pokerstars and grind the $0.25 or $0.50 45 mans.
If you wanna play MTTs you can throw some up to $1 in on occasion but definitely keep the huge,huge majorty of your volume @ the SNGs

NO PLAY MTT play STG bro u have to small bankroll for mtt but if u want play mtt play max 1 Dollar but u shoud play stg max 6 and try to raise banrkoll mob and sometimes play mtt with 2 Dollar sure if u get money on STG Big Smile

As has already been said, proper br management limits you to less than $1 tournaments but personally I don't merit bankroll management at this level. Let's face it, if you are serious about making money you have to deposit more, but I don't feel you need to stick to brm as a beginner having fun. Sure you're not always going to turn a profit playing 50 mtts but if you are an above average player you should last long enough to have fun.

The trouble is there isn't much options for sngs or mtts with buy-ins less than a dollar and those that exist will be donk fests so close to being a freeroll that the start of the tournament is effectively bingo. Although the average skill level is lower the lower the level you play, variance is a lot greater at the lowest levels imo so brm is cancelled out. Ultimately some players are more suited to enormous rebuy mtts and some are better at DoNs so regardless of whether one is perceived to require more BIs, you will lose money more quickly in what you don't know how to play.

So my advice; if you've not very experienced in poker play very low levels and freerolls so you get to learn the basics of the game, if you know how to play poker and would get frustrated by donks try playing $1 sngs (though there are pkenty of donks, this is your best chance of making a profit) or if you know how to play poker but ultimately want to maximise the time your bankroll lasts and care more about fun than profit, play deep stacked $1 mtts.

That last bit sounds odd but let me explain. Although there is a great deal of variance and your chances of winning are so low that 40 buy-ins (factoring rake) will most likely be swallowed up, the number of hours these mtts usually take will in fact take up more time than sngs where you can blow 10 in as many minutes. really long mtts can get boring for some players but I think when I was new to poker they were my favourite.

For a new player it is ok to play with a 100 buyin brm in the micros. OK you have 50$ at the start and so you can play the 0,50$ sng´s to education and create your gaming style. With more expirience, you can play with a 50 buyin strategy at 1$ sng´s.

Welcome to BRM Smile

As your bankroll is 50$ i think you must keep in mind of having atleast of 50 buy ins if you intend to play the sng's and if you want to play the mtt's it better you keep you atleast 75 buy ins so as stay on the safer side and avoid tilts !!!

i suggest you to try 0.25$ , 45 or 90 pax sng's on pokerstars ... they are a good option !!
Good luck at the tables Smile

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