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After a whole day of down for software updates bwin poker came back online today, now integrated with party poker. The new software I have to say is awful, which is typical of party poker and not the great bwin software I like. Things I've noticed so far;

With bwin the tourney lobbies were easily accessible with tabs but this is now gone and instead we have party lobbies which are hard to find and hard to organise as they fill the screen.

The main lobby is massive also, doesn't look very good and in my case lists tournaments in a ridiculous order or else mixes up the running tournaments with the late reg.

I can't seem to switch on the warning sound for my turn without switching on the awful sounds of dealing and chips. I could never understand why party software ever had these ridiculously annoying effects, when I wanted to watch tv on my laptop whilst also play poker, not have the stupid software have all my attention. Now I keep missing my turn cos I keep timing out since I have no warning when it's my turn to act.

With bwin you could see all the past cards dealt clearly in the side bar but the new software doesn't show the cards dealt anywhere than on the table. And it does that really annoying thing that party does where it doesn't show your opponents cards even when you're all-in.

These are just some things that have pissed me off in a few hours. But I'm sure very soon I will be completely withdrawing my money from this site. I can't understand it cos a few days ago I noticed bwin advertising tourneys for xmas promos that have now apparently gone.

Thumbs Down party.bwin

Sounds absolutely awful. These are the reasons I don't play on party poker very much. Their software is ugly and fiddly.
You'll just have to find another fave site Smile

Good luck on and off the felts

Bwin used to be a superb site, but started going downhill badly about 3-4 years ago, now its full of absolute morons.. I withdrew everything and haven't been back in ages. Sounds like I wont be going back any time soon now.

Bwin Poker is now the sh..ty version in black of Party Poker.A lot of errors on the relaunch
Played a sng double or nothing with 3$ buy in and received 3,24$ as prize.Indeed,double in their pockets Thumbs Down Thumbs Down

I am a bit surprised, that people actually view the Ongame software superior to the one from party. Confused

Yep, the party thing is far from being the best, but Ongame is far worse, at least in my opinion.

Cheer up, there are far worse things that could have happened to you.
I had my tournament tickets removed (that is real money worth tournament tickets) and a bonus I had cleared at 60% has vanished into thin air as well.
They have better fix that or I'll be really pissed off!
It's unbelievable they did the merge with no notice a few days earlier at least. Now even if they return my tickets, there are none of my favorite tournaments to use them in and even if they return my bonus, I'll have to clear it playing with the Party Poker nits, which I had no desire of doing.
And to make things even worse, now Party Poker has removed the Players/Flop % and the Average Pot tabs from the lobby, so there is no way whatsoever to table select.
That's fckin great! Thumbs Down

bwin poker softvare is very ugly and very bad tournaments and numbers of player with very bad bonus. players are gambler on low limits ALL IN rulezzz. AND that softvare is very very slow.
BWIN POKER ciaooooooooooo Big Smile Thumbs Down Thumbs Down Thumbs Down

It sounds verry interesting. Bwin was in the ongame network in the past and i don´t understand, why not bwin and party used the same software? But at first, i try the new bwin software...

The new platform has the second highest traffic, after stars. Overtaking both iPoker and FT. We will see, if they can hold on to that amount of players, or if the numbers will drop, when it is no new thing anymore.

oh I started it right now, first time after update and you are completely right. Its awful change of design. And when I tried to switch it off it got freezed for 1-2 minutes.. Big Smile

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