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Very sick hand  0   
This hand actually happened just while ago in 20 FPP $1000 just a few hands after i got eliminated i noticed this hand, wow..

PokerStars Hand #90967399264: Tournament #650900460, 20FPP Hold'em No Limit - Level XVIII (2000/4000) - 2012/12/18 23:41:30 CET [2012/12/18 17:41:30 ET]
Table '650900460 253' 9-max Seat #9 is the button
Seat 2: mahopas (20390 in chips)
Seat 3: Kampen 69 (148685 in chips)
Seat 4: ziperek111 (61792 in chips)
Seat 5: toegang840 (40144 in chips)
Seat 6: fort&pac (68876 in chips)
Seat 7: koffk (30494 in chips)
Seat 8: Izkool (11971 in chips)
Seat 9: haser87 (67764 in chips)
mahopas: posts the ante 400
Kampen 69: posts the ante 400
ziperek111: posts the ante 400
toegang840: posts the ante 400
fort&pac: posts the ante 400
koffk: posts the ante 400
Izkool: posts the ante 400
haser87: posts the ante 400
mahopas: posts small blind 2000
Kampen 69: posts big blind 4000
*** HOLE CARDS ***
ziperek111: folds
toegang840: folds
fort&pac: folds
koffk: calls 4000
Izkool: raises 7571 to 11571 and is all-in
haser87: raises 55793 to 67364 and is all-in
mahopas: folds
Kampen 69: folds
koffk: folds
Uncalled bet (55793) returned to haser87
*** FLOP *** [4c Kh 7d]
*** TURN *** [4c Kh 7d] Jack of hearts
*** RIVER *** [4c Kh 7d Jh] 10 of hearts
*** SHOW DOWN ***
Izkool: shows [4s 4d] (three of a kind, Fours)
haser87: shows [Qh Ah] (a Royal Flush)
haser87 collected 36342 from pot

Wish I could post what just happened to me in this $1.10 SnG. It's totally sick and I can take losing my A,A to a good hand, but anyway Blinds are 100 / 50 and I only raised to 300. The SB goes allin with a 2,4 and right on the flop there's a 2,K,4 then came 5 and a 9 to smash my A,A with a measely 2,4. What was sad the BB called with A,9 and lost to the 2,4 also.

I don't mind losing, but I couldn't even go all;in with a hand like that and they weren't even suited.

well nice royal flush there in the first hand.

but normal play preflop, shortstack (less than 3 BB) going allin with pocket 4 s

opponent has AQ suited and goes all in to push others aside.

smallstack hits a set, but is unlucky as the other one hits a RF

Nothing sick in that hand. An usual flip between a low pocket pair and two high cards. Happnes all the time, when the blinds are high. Ok. one player made a royal, but that happens from time to time.

Well it might not be sick but quad vs royal is pretty rare in texas hold'em!

When you play PLO it's pretty easy/normal to make a quad but straight flushes are still rare, and if you're against an ace high flush or full house you're definetly getting paid Smile

wow !!!
A Royal Flush Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

I have never seen one happen till now !!
And obviously i have never been dealt such a hand till now !! Aww crap! Aww crap!
I am still anticipating when ill be dealt one such hand ....!!!
Hope it happens soon Smile

Good luck at the tables Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Lol some flops are verry crazy but the best one is the playing style from a lot of players. Some players can´t fold a hand after a call or a raise, they wan´t believe that he have lost this battle Big Smile

Very nice hand: having AK suited and someone with a lot less chips than us going all-in before he had to talk. What can be better? Getting the best hand possible, just like it happened. I keep not remembering the last time i saw one of this, but at least i can't complain: if i haven't got one, there's also no one playing against me with that luck.

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