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I have read some of the posts about Yachting poker and I think you all suck at poker simple because what's to complain about I took the 5 euro no deposit bonus which was the older no deposit bonus less than the 50 handed out now. any way I have been playing at Yachting poker for a bout nearly 2 year since Full Tilt poker shut down. I was give 5 euro which I quickly built up in to a good bankroll cleared the ppp in about a week deposited 25 and cashed the lot out with no problems at all leaving a little to play with to build up again I all so clear the 450 pps on Party poker no deposit bonus and cashed out a nice chuck of money from this promotion , My name on Yatching poker is SoulReader9 there is no problems with cashing out I have cashed out a number of times over this time. I have read some of the reviews on here saying Yachting is rigged and you can not cash out I would like to put this straight Yachting is not rigged sure you get bad beats now and then but if you are any good your bankroll should be able to handle this. To be quit honest ive seen very little good players on the site since I started playing there players come and go its all most as if they come with there free roll and decide they do not like the site and just blow there roll and leave. all so building you bankroll from nothing is just pain stupid when there are free no deposit bonus,s on offer at this site if you have worked your way through all the site on here and do not have a bankroll got to ask yourself where did your bankroll management come in to play? make a deposit you tight arse's grinding from nothing is just plain waste of life and pointless. any way now that I have set thing straight about Yachting poker . gl at the tables ya fish lol

hahahaahahaha i play against you almost everydays! I have my nodepositbonus for a week and honestly i really like to play there! The only problem is that it takes alot to fill it up the tables and barely we have more than 6tables playing for cash at same time! The thnig about being rigged i think its exactly the same as all other poker sites, sometimes you get lucky river other times its your opponent.

Nice one what is your name on Yachting ? The site is OK profitable still but I have had well noticed some bad beats lately but it happens. I got it in with the best on KKs against this guy has A6s I RR preflop and he calls low flop first to act he shoves it all in I think about it set maybe but seen as I do not know him I could take the hit I call guy show A6s 1 pare of 6s turn 6 give him trips, next hand yesterday KKs again I raise this 80c cheese shoves I shove every one els get out of the way AQs flop QQ random who knows, Has not killed my roll I can take hit. I have done pretty well out of Yachting over the past 2 years can't see why all the people on here are complaining about. I was just checking some post this morning I don't write on here very often just though I would put things straight once and for all about the site.

Ps why do people all ways say the river Full Tilt is the worst! I beleave they control all five cards not just the turn and river I notice on Full Tilt poker that alot of the time the cards will fall in such a way that the bigger stack will make a straight by the river I had aces in the UK freeroll and this big cheese calls my min raise I was short and flop 223 turn 4 river 5 the guy had T6s beat my aces with a straight giving me the bottom end of the straight Aww crap!

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