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Hey guys read this, it says :

If you are part of a poker community, please do not hesitate to contact us as we can organize a freeroll specially created for you.

I dont know if i can help you with this but just saw this when i was surfing the net

Blink Blink

Posted by Calmplay:
Yep Absolute Poker would be the ideal site for it but Party Poker sounds cool too.

what is with the players already have a partypoker account not tracked by brm ?
can they participate in the league ,too ?

It probably depends, but it would be best if every bankrollmob player can play.

Here's just a few things you need to be aware of:

* Password protected freerolls are usually a bad idea, the password(s) WILL spread on the internet. Even though this is not a freeroll, I'm sure lots of non-BRM members will still join and then it won't be as fun.

* How you plan on restricting the tournmanet to only BRM members? By tracking only? (in that case, members who already have an account NOT through BRM, will not be able to play).

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Is there a way to randomly generate a password for each bankrollmob member which will work to register on the tournament? Then we can see which password is used more than once, therefore finding the leaker and also being able to un-register the outsiders from the tourney.

No idea if this is anywhere near possible, but just an idea Tongue

It's possible for us to generate a password for each member, yes. But I highly doubt it's possible for the pokersite to include all those passwords and I don't know if they even want to spend ressources on telling us which passwords were used more than once (if it's even possible). I'v never seen such a thing before Smile

i wont play,this is good idea Smile

i think this is a good idea. but you should try to set it up with the site that supports you the most and if you want to move it between sites move down the order of sites that support you. if you need any help contact me i will try to help in some way.

brilliant idea.. i have played in forum leagues before though.. it's needs to be done right.. otherwise everything will go pear shaped in seconds.. but yeah I support this idea,

Hi Everyone!

I also have came out with this idea, I guess great minds think alike. haha
okay heres how it can work and will with BRM support.

I am a computer programmer, I am more then willing to do what it takes to write a program for this or whatever I am asked to do. I seen you were talking about password protected freerolls! Bad, bad idea, best is a resricted freeroll with registed list of people that can join. Exculsively for THE MOB. Also the League should played once a week same time same day. Each game should be worth MRB points, So say you win a night, you get say 1000 points second takes 500 etc. Then at the end of each month the top say 30 players should play for a couple free bankrolls. Just an idea. But if BRM lets me in I can do all this work.

K guys let me know.
I am going to report this message...
BRM Admin, I work from home so I am always here.
Peace Jay

I agree i think it would be a sweet addition to the already well run website.
And braggin rights is always good too.

And some extra mob points wouldnt hurt either

As already mentioned, please keep us out of this until there's a gameplan or something ready Big Smile we really don't have time to organize a tournament like this, at this time Smile

Hoovs, your idea sounds more like a freeroll tournament for registered players. As I understand, most people in here would prefer a buy-in tournament?

a bankrollmob poker league would be very cool i would get a opportunaty to challenge mago666 and other "pros".so bankrollmob how about that you start a poker league?

Posted by tekamine:
Hey admin have you ever thought of Running a poker league for the forum. Would love to se one set up for us members. Team events and such. Run your own BRM donkerama series of poker ha ha ha. Any ideas people. Would love to hear the views on this. Would love to do it just for bragging rights but a prize pool would be great.

great idea ,, i would love to slap you!! about on a poker table,,,,,,,,,looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolllllllll

Hey Guys,

Yeah my Idea The FREEROLL lol No The Free roll would only be once a month for those who placed in the top 30 of the league if you did not place in the top 30 then you would have to work harder and play better the month, Anyways guys I am working on a structure as we speak I will need a day or so yet so hang in there.

Hi I'm new, Just want to say, this sounds good, so good luck in setting it up!

I am in too, have send hezuess2 a mail Blink Thumbs Up

These are pretty easy to set up. A lot of sites facilitate this. It would be unfair to ask Admin to do this on top of his other duties but it is easily done if someone would be dedicated enough.

In another forum, these are regularly offered to us by pokersites. On that forum, we've had a few offers of leagues for posters on that forum, with some serious value added! Now that was value! So sites are very keen to take people up on this, cos it will attract people to their site.

Also, another popular option is a heads-up league or championship. This would be a series of heads-up SnGs, best of 3 for each fixture. Obv it can be either knock-out or league format.

Just another couple of ideas!

Just a hint, you can try writing in the ACTIONPOKER thread, there's a rep. from Action Poker there, maybe they can do something.

I can put 5 hours a week in, maybe more some weeks if needed. but I think 5 hours is enough for stats. I will need one helper/runner that will do the dirty work talking to whom ever the poker site is we work with on this. But I have a plan just need a poker SITE!! also I need to know what Admin is going to sponsor us with money/points/prizes.

As I understand, the league would be with buy-in tournaments?

My suggestion would be (nothing we've discussed in the management though), that ones winnings would count as their "score". So if I were to play and finished 6th in round 1 and won maybe $8, and finished 4th in round 2 and won $13, then my total score would be $21.

If there would be 20 rounds (for example), then the guy(s) with highest score after 20 rounds would win a prize from us (not decided / agreed on yet!!). With this model, you don't have to play EACH round to be able to keep up, but one good result might keep you in the top for a while without playing some rounds.

Just an idea, this worked pretty well for a minor club/group I was part of a few years ago (played every monday).

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