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I won a ticket for this event and i hope i can make a good tourney later today. I took a look at the room a few days ago and i realized there were only two or three players registered, and the paid places were only one. I don't know how it is by now, or how will it be when it starts, just hope there's more than one paid place. Having only one can make people play more aggressive in the begining, with those "all or nothing" thoughts that usually ruins what can be a good game. But if there's more than one paid place, it means there are more competitors, which turns the game more difficult...
Whos's playing this one?

i will probably play it today,up till now there are 17 players registered and there are satellites running the whole day,so there will be probably about 30-40 players.
atm there are 3 paid places:

I take a look at Yachting and there is only 15 registered for the event with 3 paid place. I will try to win my entry in the freeroll, hope to get it that way cause at 22 euro it is too big for my bankroll. Whish you good luck ,and a great year at the tables to all Mobsters. Cool

I´ve missed this tourney but i like the tourney structure and the promos at Yachting Poker. You get 30% rakeback instantly every week, nice freerolls and a lot of games for micro lebel players.

The platform is good and frankly i do not understand why there are so little people that play there...

OP, let us know what you'll do on this tournament, with a bit of luck you should be able to get make some nice Dollar Dollar Dollar

Yesterday I played my €22 ticket for the €500 GTD Xmas at Yachting. We were only 26 players, which defined only 4 paid places. I started a bit loose but it wasn’t the best to do, as I only lost chips, that I kept tight and I was a long time in the mid rank, but when blinds started to grow I wasn’t able to keep their rhythm and I became too short. When I realized that it what a bit late to do anything else except to wait for a nice hand, that took too much time to come. I had to start going all-in playing with the position just to guarantee I would play one more hand (at this time we were only 6 at the table, 11 field total, and I was the shortest stack), until there was one hand that also wasn’t that strong and I got a call from someone who had five times more chips than me (which, at that point, was the average chip amount, which mean I was really short, with three or four BBs) and the table didn’t do nothing for me. I ran out after two hours of action, but it was nice to be part of that game.

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