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PokerStars: "AWice" Is The First Supernova of 2013

Believe it or not but already a player has reached the Supernova status on PokerStars! The race to reach 100,000 VPP was between "AWice" and "MouldyOnions". The two registered for almost every single high-stakes hyper turbo sit-and-go when the clock ticked over to 2013, and it was a even race from start to finish. After 39 hours and 25 minutes, poker pro Alex "AWice" Wice had earned 100,001.88 VP[...]   Read more » PokerStars: "AWice" Is The First Supernova of 2013

PokerStars: "AWice" Is The First Supernova of 2013  0   
Awesome! I've never earn so much FPP in my life... and they do it in less than 2 days!

Good day everyone Smile
Congrats AWice !!!
OH my god !! thats a great achievement ... that too in just 39 hours and 25 minutes !!!
I wonder what stakes did he play or how many tables he played to achieve this feat !!!
I wonder How many Hyper sit and go's they played !!

Good luck at the tables Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Unbelievable how you can gather at this time as many points
I will also have many points to reach the Supernova status Big Smile

I think I won’t be running for this objective this year, to try to be the first Supernova Elite of 2013, maybe some other time. This guys play a lot and real high by the way. Can’t they imagine something better to do in this time of the year, holiday time, full of parties everywhere in the world and with a lot of nice people to pass the time with. Starting the year with the eyes on the monitor isn’t for all. I know the profits compensate all of those losses I was referring to, and there are other times in the year to rest, but one really got to have to will to reach it in order to be able to go for a race like this. Now I’ve got to take a look at PS Store to see what could I do with 100k FPPs, maybe that will change my opinion.

Damn that's crazy, 100 000 points in less than two days! But did they win or lose money? Blink

Hyper turbos are just pure gambling. Of course you can have some kind of strategy but in the end it's all about luck. I wonder if they can actually be good long term.

lol what a sprint- less than two days & they achieved what many cannot do in whole year...crazy stuff, surely very important fact is how they did financially, 100k points is a nice goal to go for, but if you end up losing $100k in doing so, then it's purely russian business: swapping dollars for stars points Big Smile

good job , playa

Pretty sick if you ask me, and definately hard in the same time, i mean you also need to concentrate on your game Smile

I guess it's only a matter of days until one of them will also hit the one million mark and get supernova elite Big Smile

Sharkscoped em both. Awice has their profile locked, but MouldyOnions shows a downswing of around 120k. Looks like they are playing the $600 6max super turbos.

Pretty sick that they can grind out SE in less than 2 days, that's one hell of a session. I'm betting they probably had a prop-bet going.

G'day mates
It just goes to show some people got more money then brains. I mean really what the hell does it matter if you get to supernova if you are a losing arse player. I play poker to make money not lose it.
I do not care about my VIP status I care about my money.
I;m just saying the money is what matters.
You can ask any millionaire it is how the real bastards keep score. Smile

Be cool and good luck

Ronin Cool

a race? to be a supernova,i call it superNERD,to BUY yourselfs a nova stat,but that doesnt care for them,whit a lott off money ,if i remeberwell,last year was a player in 1 month NovaElite,i think it was some1 from the Middle East,but also a player that had buy his stat

i'm really jealous somethimes about these high stakes players , but not about they win millions ect , i just envy that they play the game as much as they want without the going broke fear

well congratz anyway Big Smile

I'm wondering if there are any stats what kind of games he played and what's his plus/minus for this session,would be sick if he lost a couple $ just to get this

still a nice achievement

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