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royal flush  0   
hitted a royal flush today at PP (the last one was a long term ago)

if I knew how I could enter a screen here on the forum i would post it here

To bad no big profit for me.. about 0.8 dollar

pocket hand : q Spade k Spade

flop a Spade 4 Spade j Spade

turn 3 Club

river 10 Spade

PP handhistory below
***** Hand History For Game 12512034077 *****
0.02/0.04 Texas Hold'em Game Table (NL) - Tue Jan 8 02:03:03 EST 2013
Table Table Supersonic (Real Money) -- Seat 1 is the button
Total number of players : 6/6
Seat 1: Dyra_ ($5.37)
Seat 2: h1tm4n ($10.4)
Seat 3: RonCris ($1.91)
Seat 4: thefly131 ($1.54)
Seat 5: dudash27 ($1.86)
Seat 6: arbuz1992 ($2.87)
h1tm4n posts small blind (0.02)
RonCris posts big blind (0.04)
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to thefly131 [ Qs, Ks ]
thefly131 raises 0.12 to 0.12
dudash27 calls (0.12)
arbuz1992 folds
Dyra_ folds
h1tm4n folds
RonCris folds
** Dealing Flop ** : [ As, 4s, Js ]
thefly131 checks
thefly131 calls (0.1)
** Dealing Turn ** : [ 3c ]
thefly131 checks
thefly131 calls (0.16)
** Dealing River ** : [ Ts ]
thefly131 bets (0.39)
dudash27 calls (0.39)
** Summary **
Main Pot: $1.52 Rake: $0.08
Board: [ As 4s Js 3c Ts ]
Dyra_ balance $5.37, didn't bet (folded)
h1tm4n balance $10.38, lost $0.02 (folded)
RonCris balance $1.87, lost $0.04 (folded)
thefly131 balance $2.29, bet $0.77, collected $1.52, net +$0.75 [ Qs Ks ] [ Royal Flush -- As,Ks,Qs,Js,Ts ]
dudash27 balance $1.09, lost $0.77 [ Ah 7d ] [ a pair of aces -- Ah,As,Js,Ts,7d ]
dudash27 balance $1.09, lost $0.77 [Didnt Show]
arbuz1992 balance $2.87, didn't bet (folded)

Edited by thefly131 (08 January 2013 @ 14:28 GMT)

It usually never gives big money to whoever gets these hands. Just look at yours. You already had the nuts at the flop with the top flush. The Ts just came to let you even happier, but it didn't solved nothing about the hand in question. Still, it's always nice to get a royal straight flush, the highest possible poker combination. Congrats, i can't remember the last time i made one and i keep my quest to be able to save the next one i get, but i don't play for those, i don't believe they will ever give big amounts, only if the table in question have somekind of promo about that, but, that only means it will be hard to get it.

congratulations I play six months and never had something beter trhan fuul house Big Smile
Aww crap! Aww crap!

Good day Everyone Smile
Well good for you ..... congratulations Smile Smile .
Thats a great moment !! hope you enjoyed !!! it would be more cool if you had won a big pot ... that would have been sweet ... I wish i hit the royal flush once ... till now i haven't been able to hit one like it !!! hope i do get lucky and hit it with a big pot Smile Smile ...

Good luck at the tables Agree Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Posted by wwzsocki:
congratulations I play six months and never had something beter trhan fuul house Big Smile
Aww crap! Aww crap!

Dude i have been playing since 2 years !!! i have never hit once !! hope i hit one shortly Blink

Nice one!!!
I dont' remember to hit royal flush online but i hit one in a home tournament with my friends. and one player paid my all in. it was so sweet Worship

I got my 5th royal on pokerstars recently. for about 1.5 years i had none... then all of the sudden they just started popping out like mushrooms Big Smile . The most profitable one was only about $2 thou.
Still it's always a rush to get them and who knows maybe one day it'll be all-in pre-flop when being heads-up in the final table of sunday millions tournament Tongue

Unless your opponent doesn't get a full house you usually do not get too many profit out of these hands but frankly it doesn't matter: a royal flush is always awesome to hold Big Smile

This is the first time when you hit a royal flush on online poker?

nice one well done i have had one before but it was only on Facebook zinger poker so sadly i didnt win any$$$ for it. i suppose if i play enough i will get one on the cash tables.

G'day mate

Congratulation on your Royal Flush. Thumbs Up
If only it could have made you more coin eh mate Smile
It is still a sweet feeling when you get a Royal Flush.
I hope to get another of them bad boys myself some day.
The final table of a Sunday Million game with someone trying to bluff with an all in shove would be nice Smile

Be cool and continued GREAT luck to you mate.

Ronin Cool

Nice one fly. Like many others I have not hit a Royal Flush at all, in fact I only think I have hit a straight flush once. Anyway, I hope it was a good feeling, one which one day I hope I feel.

GL to and hope next time it wins you more money............ Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Had my fair share so far getting Royal's, some dont count so the ones from omaha Smile

@thefly131 If you want to attach a picture or a screenshot, you need to post your thread, and then
go back to the post and hit the Attachments button located in your post.
After that you just upload your saved file from your computer.

May not have been worth that much money, but getting a Royal Flush is definitely a good feeling. I mean they're few and far between. I think in two years I've only gotten two. So congratulations on it no matter!

as for posting an attachment just write your post, select post, go back to it, click on attach, browse through and find it and follow the BRM guidelines or directions. I think it says to upload!

I got royal flush 2 or 3 times, although i didn't win much with those hands, i was happy to get it

well had one RF before in HE but only with 1 hole card, so it was not a real one.

I also had 2 in the past in plo

This is the first real in HE and this time I made a screenshot as souvenir

and to win money you better have something like a str flush vs a flusg ace high

its really lovely when you hit a royal flush, but even nicer if you can win big with it, which doesnt often happen. 888 has a promo where you win a jackpot in jackpot bought in hands if you hi the big one so you make up for generally small pot winnings


Unfortunately, I had never, usually only Vierling, Drilling, Full House
okay, I had a straight flush probably know Blink

Unfortunately, you win with those cards never very much, because to have the luck of the opponent also has a strong hand, and all calls or increased is unfortunately very low Blink

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