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Does Any of The Mobsters Know????  0   
I'm just curious if any of you Mobsters know if someone can open an account on Fulltilt or Pokerstars even if they're not eligible to play in real money fgames?

Of course that someone is me and I was going to attempt to re-open (if I can rememeber paswords) my old Fulltilt account, but thought I'd ask someone first.

Or, has anyone heard how U.S. players can re-gain the BR from the old Fulltilt accounts we had?

If someone can provide adequate information to help me retrieve this money I'd be willing to compensate their efforts.


Green you can login to your full tilt poker account and only play on virtual chips, not on the real stuff of course.

As for cash out i do not think thats possible yet, still players from US that moved to Canada/Mexico were able to cashout their br.

I see a lot of players from the U.S. playing for play money on pokerstars so i'm quite sure u can open an account for that if u want.
About fulltilt i'm sorry but have no idea.

If you sign up to the play money version(s) of stars/tilt then you won't be able to observe the real money tables, if that is what you're planning.

However - if you Google it, there's "special" clients floating around for both of those sites, that allow you to log in and observe from the USA.

Thanks for the feedback Mobsters! I'll give this a shot tomorrow. I'll attempt to open an account for virtual chips and then try to Google and see what it gets me.

I really don't care so much about the $168.00 in my account as much I would rather leave it and be able to play again someday. Really sad here in the U.S. "and of the Controlled" and becoming "Home of the Not so Sure" Never thought I'd feel so negative about this country and doesn't just pertain to the poker issues. I'm sure you all know the issues in the country!

Thanks and God Bless!

I believe The Rational group are still in discussions with the US authorities about the hows and whens of release, you can play on the mirror sites ie the dot net sites not the same tho.
good luck G

hey green now that i have given this a thought you are allowed to play for "real money" at stars- here's what u do: play with the play money chips, once u accumulate enough of those= trade them in for real cash...the current rates something around $2.50-3 for a million chips...

is it possible to change play chips for real money?? Confused

G'day mate

I have heard you could do that somehow but since i never play the free money table to win play chips i never really looked into it. So Green how does that actually work?
I am curious about a possible new bankroll building stream for when i go broke next time Smile

Be cool and luck at the tables

Ronin Cool

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