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i have just played a $2.25 sng on full tilt and after nearly 3 hours i got in the money. $4. 70 ish . i came 12th out of about 100 . i enter it late and had a bad start . i was in last place for a bit with 190 chips. i am happy with how i done . more of the same i hope

Good day everyone Smile
Well played ... congratulations on your run .. even though you did not make a big cash out , the 12 th position shows how well you played... keep up the good run Smile good for the future tourneys , hope you cash out well ,,

Good luck at the tables Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

congrads on a cash, small or large cashing is cashing imo, just thought id point out i think you meant to say MTT instead of sng sit and goes usually dont have late registration they start when they reach a certain amount of people, nicely done on grinding tho. its a skill every poker player should have if you cant play well when your short stacked you simply shouldnt play tournament hehe gl in future tournys mate! Agree

Well done JOMULL, especially coming from behiond to cash in. I sometimes let myself get really low on chips and see if I can work my way back up into the places and the money. Doesnt work very often but good for patience conditioning!

Sometimes we just have to believe we can make it and things will happen just as we thought. Unfortunately, that doesn't happen as often as we would like to. don't just think about the money you made, think about what you achieved by playing well against opponents who wanted the same you reached. Weel done!

Great comeback from 190. Even just doubling your money from that spot is a great achievement.
Well done Thumbs Up
I hope you do well In your next one. Good luck Big Smile Thumbs Up

Great comeback indeed, still, this sngs are profitable if you are multi table them...

Your current bankroll does not allow you to play more in the same time?

Good luck and keep us posted!

G'day mate

Congratulations to you sir. It is always good to make the money. It always feels better when you have had to claw your way from the cellar. Not that I like have to find myself in the position of being short stacked but I got a lot of practice at it.

Be cool and good luck to all mobsters.

Ronin Cool

I won on partypoker 60c on a freerol,then i went to double up on sng.I reached up to 3.2$ then nothing went well anymore and i lost it all.I don't understand how.I played at the same kind of tables but nothing went well anymore.With kk or aa in hand i went down pretty fast,lost in front of low hands a lot.I'm verry dissapointed

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