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I have just signed up for the no depoist bonus there, hopefully i get it soon Smile

my screen name is push27offsuit, i'll see you at the tables shortly Thumbs Up

Good luck with your no deposit bonus mate!

I'm sure that you already know that yachting is one of he best poker platform out there to build up a bankroll Blink

The only problem is the poker traffic which is pretty low.

traffic is getting much higher yachting...i've noticed

almost daily 200 runners in freerolls,,it used to be less then 130...

and cashtables also filled till deep in the morning...

yachting poker is getting there...

i love yachting poker ,,,should have never stopped grinding those tables there...

so ,,you'll see me more often there ...also planned to do a deposit there again...

see how far i can build my roll there...and i will take it easy...

too fast too furious ,,no good for bankroll Big Smile

bye the way ,, was that you last night JOMMUL57 ???? on yachting

i saw this name ..not sure ,,but we have a jommul here at BRM also...just curious..

woohaaa,,, played some cashgame at yachting...first i lost ,,then won all back,, so got me fpp's

converted them to meanwhile i entered 2 tournaments ,,,,both i finished 2second...

1 night of yachting ,,brought me from 0.21 cts up to 14 euro's.....great sites ,,lots of fish....

last final table i was HU... i face 8-8 in first hand i shortstack...

opponent had A-A...well that's my luck...still got me 4.75 euro...1 euro buy-inn...

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Good luck with building up a Bankroll there.
I am also thinking of signing up on Yachting. Would like to know more about this room.
So please come back an write about your experience with the site.

I threw away my last 10 c there... not enough traffic for me as I prefer SNG and it took ages to fill up 1 table there....

Nice software though but not enough traffic at the SNG....

Maybe I ll return in a year or so

just got my no deposit bonus, thank you BRM for such fast service Big Smile

the traffic is extremely low there, usually only like 1 game playing at all, hopefully it gets more traffic sooner because it seems like it could be a decent playform, great rakeback with a no deposit bonus so its up to us the BRM team to go fill their tables i guess lol

also im sittin on a 2/4 stud table and a 2nl hold em table if anyone wants to come play with me

also i am not familiar with SnG's, is a 10% rake easy to beat in Double Up SnG's

just won a 5 euro freeroll on there, waste of 2 hours of my life, came in first out of 114 people for 0.60 euros lool i crushed the tournament so bad then when it was down to final 3 people i had 92% of the chips, anyways also boosted my bankroll there on the cash tables by 20%... pretty easy platform with lots of call stations, just needs more traffic... kinda reminds me of like a ipoker platform but with less traffic, i suggest anyone who wants to make a little extra money take the no deposit bonus. the vip is pretty cool, basically 1 point for every cent of rake, the weekly 30% rakeback is also nice so when u exchange ur points for cash its around a 40-45% rakeback

Edited by Jibberish (22 January 2013 @ 12:37 GMT)

Thanks for these further information on your experience with yachting.
Seems like it is worth trying out, even if its just for fun.
Guess I will have a look at it soon.

I played for a while at YAchting Poker and they are a growing poker network in my opinion, because the poker traffic is increasing over the past year. Good luck at the tables.

So far everything shows that Yachting Poker managed to be one of the exceptions
in all the new sites that come and go.
I see many keep saying that while the traffic is low it has increased, which is a good sign
for them and all those making a profit there Smile

I still think "an increase in traffic"is relative ...

I checked it this week :

cash tables : NLHE : 2 tables open with 0.01/0.02 : one full 6 players and 1 table with 3 players (6 max)

SNG : 0.10 c DoN (4 players) : 2 players waiting
7 players for a 1 point bankroll builder step 1

freerolls about 100 to 150 entrants .....

I don t think they are making a lot of money there at the moment

heey guys have been playing here for a a few years and decided to grind my 7 cent bankroll up again. but becides that its a really fun pokerroom almost no traffic but 95% are realy bad players. its a really fun site its actully my favorit im thinking about maybe depsoing again. btw they have gr8 service with quick reactions gl all on the site

the traffic really kinda sucks but overall yesterday i had a great night, grinded my bankroll of 15 euro into just a little over double in under 200 hands yesterday, cant complain, was a good day Big Smile Thumbs Up Dollar

I think it's a really good site, enjoy it a lot. Especially the game interface, nice graphics and wide range of games... I really recommend this site to every pokerplayer. I won 35 euro's thanks to my non-deposit bonus. Smile

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