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One way of helping to avoid overplaying is to stop thinkingot talking of your chips as money.sure. it was money once and it may be money in the future but until they get cashed out they are chips. Never assign a money value to them don't say or think that you have $100 in chips say and think that you have 100 chips. While you are playing THEY ARE NOT MONEY.

the other thing is to practice good bankroll management. Never use money that you can't afford to lose to buy chips.

Posted by pokershark74:
Posted by saynothing:
Ya when ur HOT, ur HOT.........and when ur not Take a few days off Smile

doyle said in his book when he took a vacation after playing for i think 2 or 3 years every day and finally realising he was doing so he took 3 weeks went to Hawaii and didnt even think about poker. said it was one of the best things he could do for his game he came back and noticed the bettter quality of play right away after the break. not saying we can all afford to fly off to some amazing island for a few weeks but a couple days or even couple months off does wonders! and at your first comment saynothing i totally agree we are all degens at heart Evil Evil Evil

I think it is completely true.Few weeks ago I deposited 15$.At first day I made 42$ in cash game.
But next day I lost every dollar.I was trying and trying to bring back my money.

Now if I get a profit I stop.I make break for 2-3 days.During the break I can play some freerolls but no cash games.GL ALL

G'day mate
well i guess that is one way to do it. it would not work for me but if it works for you then go with it mate. Each and every one of us needs to figure out what works best for us and then stick with it.
I know I have been playing alot of freerolls lately because i have been trying out a few new idea's and did not want to lose my own money testing out a few things so I play with the donks Smile

Be cool and best of luck.

Ronin Cool

Avoid tilt.... Sleepy

When you think you're running bad, you can just stop playing and wait for when you really feel like playing. Patience is so important, and when you keep cool you're usually more patient.

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