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Hi, anyone here had problems installing Ballpoker? I was trying to do it to give it a try before i decide to play the BRM weekend events for having opened the doors and i just can't install it. Almost at the end of the instalation, the .exe file gives some kind of error and doesn't install the rest. I have to set this up today in order to decide if i register, and i only have until tomorrow. I know i shouldn't have left everything for the last hour, but it's in my nature, i'm portuguese. If any of you had a similar problem and managed to solve it, please tell me how.

Don't mind about that. There was in fact an error while installing the software, but then i opened the case where i was installing it and i realized the aplication icon was already trhere. So i clicked on it, he opened the room, i had already validated my acount on the email, and so i just decided to register myself to play it. Friday and Sunday, let's have some fun, let's play! I just got to hope that this process will all run in the same format in my laptop, i'm actually installing this on the pc and this isn't where i am going to play the game. But i'm sure everything is going to be just fine!

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Not sure if i get it right but you have both a pc and a mac?

I know from experience that you can have problems with poker clients when it comes to mac...

It's good that you solve it in the end

I don’t have a mac, but I do have an old-fashioned PC, with a tower, and a laptop, and I use to play in both, but this time I will have to play BRM tourneys at Ballpoker on the laptop and I still haven’t installed the software there. I’ve had problems during the installation on the tower and, although everything was running well in the end, I’m afraid if somehow things won’t work the same way on the laptop. Although I have solved my problem without doing nothing because, after all, the program was running even with the error during the installation, I hope this thread may help someone else that might register the same problem.

NOTE: For everyone going to the tourney, don’t forget to confirm here at BRM till 15h00.

Fakiry, is BRM going to be running events on Ballpoker?

i've tried googling for the download for ballpoker and cant find it

Ballpoker is part of the revolution poker, which was/is known also as cake poker network...

The only events announced so far on ballpoker by brm is the calendar freeroll and another 100 euro test freeroll Smile

when is the 100 euro one?

G'day mate

Well at least you got it figured out. I hope you do well in the BRM Xmas Freerolls mate.
But to be honest I hope I do better Smile
I am sure you understand.
I shall see you at the game.

Ronin Cool

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