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Interesting read about yourself and your goals. It is a wise choice to start spending soem time in the forum. I mean you can collect the Mobpoints for sure, but besides that there's a lot of good information passed on throughout these posts.

I generally play 9 to 45 player SnG's ranging from $0.60 to $5.50 and like to think I fair pretty well. I'm just in it for the fun of it forthe most part, but no doubt winning is a plus.

Good luck on pursuing the law degree and your poker adventure. My degree is in Mechanical/Quality Engineering. Been doing this since I was about 21 years old. School is an everlasting journey though. Always having to go back to learn about new technology.

Hey Greenmohave,

thank you for your wishes. Yeah I agree that school is an everlasting journey. IMO you die when you stop learnin new things through life. It's what keeps us going Smile

Collecting mobpoints is also a part of my project here, I will add this as a goal in my OP. I take it I can earn about $100 this year through posting online alone. Anything over that is a bonus if I get it.

So what is it like for you Americans nowadays with online poker? I've also heard that Pokerstars is buyng a land based casino in New Jersey and have also heard there's being a law passed about online poker. If you're from around there, maybe you have some other info...

Feel free to check on my progress and chat anytime, I'll be checking this thread on a daily basis and ofcourse, we'll see eachother in other threads also.

Good luck to you, too!

Does someone know how long it takes PKR to ransfer funds when cashig out?

path: PKR - Moneybokers - Visa card

Edited by KowKain (05 February 2013 @ 16:01 GMT)

PS and the other poker sites that want to be respected by their users need to find a way to avoid these situations. I even believe they are different persons, but they sure must be all combined to play the game in order to favour themselves, like collusion. If they have different emails, using different computers and different addresses on the accounts, it is difficult for PS to try to do something. But it’s got to be possible!

Posted by Fakiry:
PS and the other poker sites that want to be respected by their users need to find a way to avoid these situations. I even believe they are different persons, but they sure must be all combined to play the game in order to favour themselves, like collusion. If they have different emails, using different computers and different addresses on the accounts, it is difficult for PS to try to do something. But it�s got to be possible!

I'm not really sure what you were reffering to with this post. Could you elaborate a bit?

Hey guys, it's nearing the end of week two of my PKR project so I though i should post the progressI've made.

I've successfully moved up in limits, playing exclusively $0.3 and $0.6 STTs. I've also cleared 3 bonus chunks for a total of $15.

So currently my bankroll is: $47.79
PP: 1621


** $0.3 ---> 86 played, net winnings $5.1, ROI 18.6%
** $0.6 ---> 19 played, net winnings $3.0, ROI 26.3%

I've also played some cash games NL2, currently up $13.09, with an amazing(unsustainable)
45.8 bb/100 over 1.5k hands Cool

Also cashed in No-depositor freeroll for $22.5, which will be released later today, when I make a deposit of 50€ ($67) granting 100% FDB, thatt I'll have to clear in 60 minus "current project" days. That's leaving me with 41 days to clear it in total. I'll return to that later on, when this project is complete.

Anyway, I'll multiply my whole roll by 2.5x today, so I'll include some more cash games from now on.

I have to admitt I'm actually somewhat behind my plan (.xls sheet on OP), regarding the quantity of Sngs played but I tend to compensate for that by playing CG. This is also due to some problems I'm experiencing with PKR and HM2, and also 9table limit on PKR.

But overall, I'm 33% through the whole bonus by now and will increase the pace in the future, because I'll be generating more rake from now on.

Anyways, post comments, questions etc. if you're interested in this, and THANK YOU for reading so far Smile

Best of luck on the felt!


Edited by KowKain (09 February 2013 @ 15:16 GMT)

Allright so I've edited original post to include results from second week. I've had a hell of a rollercoaster ride from Saturday till just now. Variance can be such a biaatch in this type of games. Endless suckouts, being outflopped when holding premium overpair, no draws wanna complete and such. You all know how this goes when s**t hits the fan.

I've lost all of my profit on cash games, being cracked all the time - maybe I'll post some hand so you all can see what went on Angry

Probably the result is also due to much shorthanded play, since tables are rarely full on NL2 PKR. Don't know why. So I play heads up with a total passive calling station that, ofcourse, keeps messing with my aggresive style of play.
...Maybe they figured me out, but waiting for quads to happen while someone (me) is holding nuts flush just doesn't happen that often. When it does, however, it really f*cks me up.

So I'll keep on going, hope that this will be over soon so I can again play like I know is right Smile

On the sidenote, I've started a correspondence with PKR tech support, regarding those bugs I'm having, so I hope we'll get somwhere soon.


Attached Imageshowweroll.png

Aww crap! Great week, I must say!

I'm well behind schedule with SnGs, but I've concentrated more on cashgames, so I'm still good for clearing the no-dep bonus. Only thing that matters is rake afterall, so I guess I'll mix it up, just to complete the thing.

Anyways, I've played on NL4 and some $0.6 STTs and they've both been insane! Rigged almost, lol Tongue
Like getting it in first hand of the tourney with KK and got beat by runner-runner guess what, 89s. Guess ppl don't get the 4bet-don't call 100bb pre with suited connectors.
Cash game was an insane beatdown, too. I've "adjusted" my raise sizes, making it 15bb pre with premiums, yet I still somehow managed to get cracked big time Big Smile By super.users with an amazing sense of when to play garbage. Sad

I also played in the Minimasters 30k Guaranted on Saturday, but got kicked out half way through. A guy was raising litterally all the time, so I thought he bluffed, I "rebluffed" and ran into AKs.. What can you do, MTTs are a joke sometimes Big Smile
Only thing I regret is spending $6 in addon. The original buyin was donated by PKR for making my first deposit. A shame though I got nowhere.

Well the progress is on the original post, so comment if you want or just read and think what you will.

Getting a feeling no-one is reading this, but what can you do?

Much luck on the felt!

Edited by KowKain (17 February 2013 @ 23:46 GMT)

Posted by KowKain:

Getting a feeling no-one is reading this, but what can you do?

Well atleast I am readig this Tongue
Always nice to see how people do in these kinds of projects : P

Hope your run will turn better next week Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Hehe, thanks... Yeah I started this just for fun and also it's kind of poker journal Smile

Will make more regular updates, I'm thinking of turning this into full time pokerblog, after I finish what I started on this project.


Allright guys, I've just today finished clearing BRM $100 No Deposit offer.
PKR is pleased with me as I've made them around $80 in paid rake.

I'm basically breakeven after today, considering I currently have a roll of $160. Deduct from this:
unexpected winnings in a freeroll - $22,5
deposit of 50€ = $64,72

So this actually shows I've lost 20 bucks, but fear not, I had a super-horrible run at cash games, so I'm about 5 BI's under EV, which is this $20. Gonna grind it out soon enough, so the 'lines' will even out Tongue

Plan I have ahead is as follows:
cause of a deposit, I was granted yet another bonus, which equals to meager 28% rakeback. I have untill April, 11th to pay $226 rake. Pretty big, considering I'll be playing NL2 and NL4.
Well, only NL2 again for awhile, cause I have to withdraw $60 for something unexpected. When I'm rolled for 0.2/0.4 again, profit (and rake) will be much easier to achieve.

Anyways, in the bottom of the post you'll find all my played games, both cash and STTs - the latter I've actually stopped playing, cause I just don't enjoy them as much as CG.

The project was completed a week earlier than anticipated - due to regular cash grinding which produces more rake. It was in bankroll management the whole time, though - so I don't see this plan as a failiure.

Although it actually was, since I originally intended to play only Sit n Go's and I've only completed about 15% of required quantity of games. I'd stick to the plan if it wasn't for many tough exams that follow in March and needed to prioritize. Still a long way from making a decent buck from poker, so school is definately more +EV (if I may use this term Smile )

Hope you found this at least abit interesting to read through and ty for attention. Smile
I shall make this my personal blog so everything about me will probably be found here, from now on.

GL on the felt, and please post comments and questiones, if you have any! Tongue

P.S. Id like to thank BRM for this super promotion which allowed me to grind a roll from zero to hero this year. Hope it never runs out!

Cash games:

NL2: 3415 hands ---- net: $5.87 ---- EV: $5.31
NL4: 3162 hands --- net : $-24.33 --- EV: $-12.04


$0.1: 118 played, ROI -0.08%
$0.3: 140 played, ROI 8.6%
$0.6: 82 played, ROI -7.3%

All very, very small sample sizes, but I have played poker for awhile now, so the result is due to variance.
All STT results are from S************m, cause HEM2 has a problem with PKR sngs, so the data there is corrupt.

Edited by KowKain (22 February 2013 @ 00:08 GMT)

Posted by KowKain:
Allright guys, I've just today finished clearing BRM $100 No Deposit offer.
PKR is pleased with me as I've made them around $80 in paid rake.

Congrats on clearing your bonus, although you havent actually made any money for PKR!

the bonus is cleared @ 375pts per $5

considering $5 in rake is 500pts, you've actually been getting OVER 100% RB

500/375 = 133% RB : very good bonus!

Hey,thank you!
Yeah, you're right- but the bonus wasn't actually 100$, but $20 free Tongue..

I'll be raking mad from now on, though, to clear the other promo. This one is-not-so-great. But well, can't argue to get some "free" dough.

(we have a saying in Slovenian, appropriate for this situations - "Podarjenemu konju se ne gleda v zobe" - which litteraly means "You don't check the teeth of a horse that was gifted to you", but the meaning lies in a fact that you don't critisise the gifts that you recieve Cool ... ask grandma about it, she'll xplain it to you better Big Smile

Trying to withdraw some now, but I seem to be having some problems with IDKwhat... It says I cannot withdraw atm.

Have you had any problems with it?

Posted by KowKain:
Trying to withdraw some now, but I seem to be having some problems with IDKwhat... It says I cannot withdraw atm.

Have you had any problems with it?

Nah, I can withdraw very quick from PKR, no problems. But if this is your FIRST withdrawal, it will take a little while and they will probably request a few documents (bank statements, drivers license, etc).

OK, everything is in order now. Had to complete some additional conditions before withdrawal could be processed. Ty for answering Smile

Motherfckin MTTs and freakin bigstacs that never ever fold to shove

Busted my AKs vs A9o.. regular crack... I never hold up, damn it.. just before the money also.. and burnt 10% of my roll for it

why is that always????

Edited by KowKain (22 February 2013 @ 22:30 GMT)

awesome blog KowKain Great progress along the way. your thread entertained me for a good hour or so, distracting me from loosing any money on any of my poker accounts lol. I thought the second post below your first was amusing as well. Keep up the great work and I will see you at the tables one day soon. further more good luck with your future plans in life it was nice getting to know you. Big Smile

What's up!

Thank you for your comment, glad it was entertaining. You're right abou that 2nd post - that guy Pochui is a joker I guess.
Had quite a laugh when I read his reply Big Smile.

Anyway's today is a brand new day (atleast here) so I'll do some gambling later on. Hope things go better than yesterday. My BR took a hit, so I didn't cashout yet - guess I wont cuzz I need the dough for those sickos out there.

Had to rebuy 3 times on NL4 table yesterday - two mega/super/awesome/moronic/cash-giving/cash-taking etc. guys had me beat hand after hand. Ofcourse it was also my fault for failing to adapt to their ?strategy?. In the end I stacked them both in a single round --> they both called 250bb deep allin and my JJ held up Big Smile neat pot of 700bbs

I started to mess around with rebuy MTTs so yesterday I burnt yet a bigger hole in my roll - $16 in 5 tourneys, got nowhere. It's brutal if you wanna go full time MTT pro. Not my cup o' tea.

I'll see you on the felt!


******* HOLY CRAP I've NEVER FELT THAT!*********

Here we go... Last 10 days or so were - catastrophic if I put it in mild term. I don't know what happend but since completing the project of clearing out that No Deposit Bonus, thing have started to turn down on me.

At first I though, ok, bumpy ride, little downswing, it'll pass. All while watching my roll numbers declining... So I said to myself: "grind it out, it's nothing brutal, just standard unlucky moment."

So, OK, I lied to myself for awhile, but then all started to collapse. I couldn't find any motivation for the game, gambled as this was the only way to get me excited (in poker, that is Smile ), all while being unable to pull the cord, and stop playing while I was still relatively rich...

But just today, after finishing this session of gambling, donking, maniac like aggression I realised - Dude, you've totally lost it. And looking in retrospective, this is exactly what happend. Since a few days ago, I've started to HATE the game, HATE the software, the regs, the fish... I really have no idea what to do to get my sht back together and start playing normal game!

It's like there's no purpose in playing anymore. I don't know - maybe I'm fed up, maybe its just "variace" (def. not), or maybe my mind finally percieved I'm not capable of playing good poker. Anyone can gamble, but can you really play consistent? Don't know abt you, but currently I surely can't.

So my question to you is:

+ How can I get back into mindset?
+ Would you recommend any relaxation techniques for before and after the session?
+ When to know, whether you should play or not?

Damnit, I've been interested in this game for over two years, had some success, know how to play profitably, but still - haven't progressed in either my game, or mental state!
(really dissapointed in myself) It's like I'm going through this everlasting subtle tilt in which if I even think about cards, I get agitated - let alone I should actually play any.

I needed to get that out....

Btw, $100 down in 5000 hands on NL4. sucks!

Edited by KowKain (01 March 2013 @ 22:47 GMT)

Hey Kowkain,

Don't worry man, everyone undergoes the same situation that you described. That is loosing money and after it thinking you probably played it bad. It all depends on how did you play your hands, and what you think of your play. Maybe you could have played some hands differently than at the moment. If that is the case, change your game plan. If you weren't too agressive in some hands - be agressive from now. If you were too loose - don't call too much etc.
Me too I am playing for over 2-3 years now, but I still have some lacks on my game plan.
I don't like cash too much myself, even though I am a winning player on cash too.
I think it's a waste of time cause if you're good at tournaments you can win much more.

P.S: I've just lost 5 euro myself on a cash game table on Yachting. I blame it on playing bad some hands, and calling all in against a fish while I had AK (he had 1.78 euro, all in pre). I also had kind of a headache at the start, so it wasn't my A-game.

Drink some water, feel relaxed when u play, be there on the hands, know your table.
Good luck mate
Big Smile

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