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Just postin a little strategy that will help those people who lost to the bingo players.

Just because someone is loose, does not always mean they are donkey but in a freeroll you should usually assume they are. The best way to play against maniacs while avoiding elimination in the BRM Freeroll is to play small ball poker, haha wait until I explain what I mean for those who may not know. There is 2 versions of small ball poker, daniel negreanus style, which is really effective for stacking maniacs if you play it more passive rather then constantly stabbing at the pot. The other is to slow play your hands, keep the bets small so you dont have a serious decision for your chips, see how well the board runs out for you cheap. Yes, I am aware that this will let in a bunch of idiots with any 2 cards and is usually more effective if your flush or set mining, but it is safer at later stages of the tournament and if you enjoy how the board runs out by the river and you make a QUALITY hand. Jam it down their throat, check raise, over bet, pot size bet, hope for a reraise to get it all in or anything along those lines. This strategy plays very well with just about any speculative hand, suited connectors, small pairs, big pairs, AK, AQ. If you cant stand being sucked out when gettin it in preflop, try and avoid putting yourself in those situations, not saying you should fold like AA in a preflop all in... but I think you understand what I mean. Thumbs Up

Anyways if anyone else got any strategy they would like to share, your more then welcome to drop the knowledge down below Thumbs Up lets make this a useful thread for our donkey hating friends Cool Dollar

all sounds good but at least at BRM freeroll it mostly not work since 90--98% hands someone showes preflop or makes at least big raise 5x--10x BB cant really play slow there even if u want Big Smile

that strategy prolly works better at 1-5 usd tourneys lil bit less preflop all ins there

seems like best way is to showe premium hands AQ-AK and 1010+ preflop and later when 10k or 20k stack start thinking that freeroll is everyday 8 times soo if u enter in it 3-4 times in 24h once sure get bigger stack with that strategy i made 3 leaderboards row into top 200 and 2x was in top 30

sooo i always try to register 5-9 minutes after tourney starts and mostly play only 5- 10 mins or go deep Big Smile mostly gets bad beat anyways sooo no point to wait AA or fold til u have 500 chips left and then all in with crap same strategy goes for 100k freeroll there my best is 10th so far both are same bingo tourneys if ya dont like turbo/bingo tourneys should not play them Worship

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I think nipitiri is right, that strategy is more suited to the low buy ins tournaments than freerolls.

I think the best bankrollmob freeroll strategy is the one that players that usually get the first places on leaderboards have it, too bad very few ever post on the forum Sad

i think to get top 100 at brm freeroll is 99% luck and to get top 10 from there is 60-70% luck Big Smile

Posted by nipitiri3:
i think to get top 100 at brm freeroll is 99% luck and to get top 10 from there is 60-70% luck Big Smile

I wish I could disagree with you but With the donks and bingo queens currently playing the freerolls that sounds about right.

The most amusing thing about the situation though all the people posting here that think that since one donk is an easy mark a full tournament of them must be proportionally easier to beat.

As Geroge Carlin used to say 'Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups'.

In every poker tournament luck most be on your side from time to time if you want to make it to the end of the tournament.
In freerolls i play very tight in the beginning. With good cards or big draws i play aggressive.
After one hour of play most bad players are already gone so you can play your standard game.

i play tight later since then are BB higher and everyone thinks u bluf always and someone always calls Big Smile well i do raise but only if i can afford to fold or bluff after flop

lol it is an easy tournament to beat... Thumbs Up

This can be applied to BRM freerolls, but i think that it only makes sense in an advanced stage, not in the begining, where all the "who cares about what happens" players still are. But you did well in posting it, it was a pleasant reading and i'm consider of using it on my game!

Yep the first levels of freerolls can hardly be called poker. It's almost impossible to play an hand to the river. Most of the times you have a few preflop all in's or if you raise preflop you will get called 90% of the times by atleast 3 players with all kind of hands.

Unfortunatly best way is to have the luck to pick a few premium hands early pray that they hold and double up a few times. If you go deep the game will change a bit in later stages, people tighten up and even tho it doesn't means the players are good they start playing more post flop and respecting the raises so you can actually play a few hands.

At the end of the day like nipiriti said you will lose most of them but if you go deep and have a considerable stack you can start using your skills and will most likely get paid.

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Good day everyone Smile
the thread contains quite a good suggestions !!!the early stages of the freeroll is a bit hard to survive !! it will be a donk fest !! even very good hands preflop will get cracked by absolutely crap hands !! sometimes even though if we play real tight its hard to survive sometimes !! as the limits move up we can play some good play .

Good luck at the tables Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

With the wild play in the early stages of the BRM freeroll, it is important to be very selective on the hands that are played. Only play the top range of starting hands, but be prepared to go all-in with them if some decides to shove. If a player that has been playing very loose and aggressive shoves you will then be a large favorite to win. You won't always win but you will win more often than not. However if raised by a player that has been playing tight it's better to fold anything except AA or KK.

Sometimes the donl players will get lucky and hit their low probability outs with this strategy but more often you will double up and can survive to the point that table play approaches sanity.

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