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I'm in guys Cool

It has been a very long time since I played a BRM game and since it's only 1 buck and because it's at stars too as I just started playing there after a very long break... gl guys...

we'll fill 1 table, don't worry Big Smile

GL all.

My money is on Taking drugs to win.

Pity you didn't stake him Pochui and go 50/50 he would win you some dosh, Unfortunately I cant play this one - brassic - but gl all.................. Cool Cool Cool

so no one more only 6 players (7 with me?) ? Good chance to win something Smile I still think about it, but I am registered on 2 other tournaments, so I will not be 100% concetrated if I will play... should I? Big Smile And pretty tough players are in I guess Smile

I just register, but still awaitting approval????

Thumbs Up

Attention all BRMers, the $1.10 ....$20 added homegame will be starting in 15 min , If you have not registerd hurry up, goodluck to everybody that will be playing Cool

Posted by saynothing:
Attention all BRMers, the $1.10 ....$20 added homegame will be starting in 15 min , If you have not registerd hurry up, goodluck to everybody that will be playing Cool

I just want to wish everyone who will be playing the tournament all the best of luck I will be railing you and cheering for you all. sorry I will not be playing in this one but I was not payed the moneys I ws owed as promised so I can not buy in. best of luck mates and if you have observer chat on then Ronin will say hello Smile

Ronin Cool

right that's me in
i thought i would register just to bump up the numbers Big Smile
gl to all who made it.

9 isn't bad...have fun all and GL

Tongue Worship

After more than 3 hours of play 4. place and again on bubble in brm home games Aww crap! Big Smile

After around 20 hands of trash I got AJ so I was all in with around 7BB (raise, reraise, call). But guy on BB had KK and no ace came to save me. J on river was too little too late Smile

Anyway gg and cg to winners, I believe bullet will take it Smile

EDIT: ooih hes actually out too on 3. place Smile

EDIT2: damn its already over.. couldnt I stay for 10min longer? Big SmileD

Edited by Weenie (10 February 2013 @ 22:24 GMT)

Yeah after a very long hours of high level play of 11 players... I took 2nd place as Sorin won the game... he had a massive chip lead, I could not master that... congrats to the winners Thumbs Up

GG, see you all in the next one Smile

Yeah 3 and a half hours for an 11man tourney is a bit crazy. Faster structure needed next time I think.
I could of done better i think. I was playing a bit crazy later on, my wife was giving me sh!t about needing to get things done. Bloody women!
Anyway I'm happy with 3rd. Least i made some money Big Smile

Saynothing: I dunno what 3rd gets but whatever pochui sends me I'll ship you half ok?
Thanks again for this and thanks for organising it and to pochui for setting it up Thumbs Up

Thank you Mobsters for let me win the Main Event of The Rigged Place in February..The path to first place was that:registered first,ask The Master of the place to suspend the rigged business for a few hours ,and I came in first place,leading the pack from the beginning to the end.Thank you again

Well i must say it was a nice tourney! BRM members are really great bunch & they're not bad poker players too. Level of play is very high, compared to what you usually get at same buy-in tourneys.

Thanks all who participated & railed, thanks saynothing who came up with the idea of organizing the tourney & adding $10 to the prize-pool, thanks djpremier who added another $10 on top (sad he couldn't make it to the tourney.

Congrats to the winners, on top of what you already received by stars- i will send the following amounts:

1st place- Sorin888: $10 (great performance- took the lead right from the start)
2nd place- Calmplay: $6 (now there's a lucky guy- lives in Mauritius & comes in 2nd place too)
3rd place- bullettooth1: $4 (always a solid performer)

@Weenie- damn, you really are doomed for on the bubble exit it seems: but i'm pretty sure next time (Easter tourney) you will get in the money, you fully deserve it!

I would also like to point out one outstanding performer- manpochui, it was pretty clear for everyone at the tables, that this guy is a real pro, he was making amazing reads, fantastic moves & really tore everyone apart until he lost to an amazing bad beat: his royal flush was beaten by a higher royal flush Confused

cheers everyone,
hope there's more tourneys to come in 2013!

Good day everyone Smile
Congratulations to all the winners Thumbs Up
Well i surely missed out on this one !! my bad ... but the next one im surely in ... hope i dont miss out on the next one atleast ...Hope to see more of these tourney's organized by pochui ... its always good in his home games Thumbs Up keep up the good work .

thanks for shipping the money pochui Thumbs Up
I totally agree with what you said 100% Big Smile i knew it would have to take an awful suckout for anyone to KO you Big Smile
Better luck in the next one Thumbs Up
Congrats sorin for the win, couldn't have gone to a nicer guy Confused Tongue

Oh saynothing! I've already shipped you half what i made. Almost 3x the amount you invested in me. That's not a bad return right? Big Smile thanks again bud Thumbs Up
I'll see if i can turn my $3.10 into something half decent so i can donate to the Easter one Big Smile

Edited by bullettooth1 (11 February 2013 @ 12:12 GMT)

good game peeps, sorry i wasnt paying my best like.
will defo add somthing to an easter tournament. Thumbs Up

Hey guy's, good game indeed it was yesterday Cool , and thank's bullet atleast I made something ehh Big Smile , anyway,a I see sorin ended up winning, witch I was Thinking he would, the guy was hitting everthing under the sun Cool

I didn't have the chance to enter on this run with you guys, sorry, but it seems like it went very well, taking in consideration it took more than three hours to find the winner among 11 players. That can only mean the quality of the game was really good!

Indeed,went very well for me,manage to win the little tourney at The Rigged Place.No one took me serious at the start of the game,but after taking the chip leading got the respect and the right cards from server and was an easy run to first place.Thank to the sponsors of the tourney,made my Sunday happier. Thumbs Up

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