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Hey there Mobsters! Just wondering if anyone ever plays ingames of their own or other people's they know. Here in the states a lot of people play in home games of all kinds. I myself know where to find a serious home game, or even one that has very small stakes & isn't all that serious. I personally started a home game back here in the mid-west over 3 years ago that still runs to this day! Homegames can be fun, especailly since not so great recreational players love home games! This is mostly due to the fact that they wouldn't feel comfortable playing in a Casino where they might actually meet multiple players who know what they are doing! Anyhow here are some helpfull tips if you ever decide to host a game of your own!
1) Make sure you have enough poker chips & playing cards! I reccomend Bicycle Prestige playing cards, they are plastic & last 3 times as long as your run of the mill paper cards.
2)Pick a night you can get the highest attendence. Remember more players means more cash on the table!
3)Food. Now this may be one of the most important factors imo. When you have a table full of bad players you certainly don't want them to leave. Having some food & beverages at your game can help to keep your action at the table.
4)Have fun! This is by far my most important rule. If you're not having fun what's the point?
Alright well that's all I got for now. Until next time mobsters, GL on the felt! Cool

mhmmm beverages Big Smile

lol i usually play in a lot of home games with my friends, i try to avoid randoms unless its one of my GOOD friends games where i know im not gonna get robbed after i bust the guy, people around here are like poor pissed off cowboys you gotta be careful when it comes to money but i usually try and avoid the casino, they have a 10% rake and usually only have a 1/3$nl game going, kinda stupid eh. but sometimes they have some plo on the weekends but its a tough game the casino regulars actually call the poker room to set up games and to call other people. home games are much much more profitable and if you get really drunk u usually dont get kicked out once u lose all your money ya buddys will still let u stay and drink some more Big Smile

I actually participated this winter for the first time, it was pretty good because it was only between friends Smile

Also i really like the advices you gave above, chips were actually a problem wheere i was so thats definately a good tip Blink

i know some dudes .they organize homegame tournaments on pokerstars...

Why they do this??

they play for serious cash..(10 to 25 euro buy-inns)and let pokerstars host it,without them knowing their hosting a real money tournament....this way they play a real money tournament, with playmoney chips.

win or lose money to people they know and they don't pay any registration fee for these tournaments..

if pokerstars knew exactly why and how ..probably they prohibit these homegames...

Only homegame i play is at rigged place and at pokerrailradio...(homegame for mostly dutch and belgium players)

if anyones interested i can arrange an invite since i am a member for the last homegame mentioned..around 600 members,

daily tournaments for 1$ and 5$ ...every day running at 20.00 hours gmt+1 ..and they also have a monthly leaderboard with added prizes from $$'s up to t-shirts or other pokeraccesoires.

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