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This past year a few poker buddies of mine had a pretty good idea, even though it fell through. So it all started with a few of us wanting to catch the final table of the main event streaming live(which we did not do & is why this idea fell through. I watched it at home alone.) At one of the weekly poker games when talking about it a few of us had agreed to put some money in a pot & draw names of the final tablers. We decided a draw was neccessary bc we all wanted a lot of the same players as our "horse". I was partail to eventual winner & team Ivey member Greg Merson. I thought this was a really fun idea I would share with you mobsters. It makes it a little nmore exciting to watch bc then you " have a dog in the fight" Until next time Mobsters gl on the felt! Cool

That's not a bad idea for some side bettin fun. I rarely get to catcvh any live play on TV and really miss watching Highstakes as episodes used to get posted here in the forum on a regular basis.

So hoodi, are you joining any sites and did you read my reply about Carbon Poker allowing U.S. players. Might be wortgh your time as I stated to use the BRM signing bonus and give them a shot.

If I could cashout my Mobpoints I'd set you up, if needed. I'm hoping BRM wil get something going with Carbon Poker here in the future where they'd allow U.S. players to cashout points and deposit them to Carbon Poker like they have with a couple other sites. Good Luck!

Yes I replied in my other thread"a long overdue return" or whatever they hell I titled it. I already have a carbon account I think that's over a year old, so I don't think I can re-sign up & utilize BRM rakeback deals. Definitely going to be playing on some sites in the very near future I may have to make a deposit on carbon. You should friend me on FB & we can chat more about sites & poker. Look me up Joshua Noe.

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