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This thread is more or less a complaint thread about Pokerstars. As I mentioned in one of my earlier threads, I have from time to time played play chip poker on PS to pass the time as we US players still cannot play for real $$$. Now I understand that our government is trying to change the laws so that Americans can eventually play the game they love again from the comfort of their own home,but!!! Pokerstars I have a bone to pick with you! As a play chip player you cannot change your avatar or pic, you can not view your hand histories, or even search for a player you would like to play with! What the hell!? How are these "recreational" players suppossed to get any better if they can't check hand histories, or maybe play with a good player they know to try & test their skill. Thanks Pokerstars for making me feel like a second rate player!!!! Rant over, thanks for listening mobsters! GL on the felt. Cool

Hey hoodi, I was just wondering if you seen my previous reply to your first thread because i did reference that Carbon Poker allows U.S. players. The site is steadily growing and making upgrades to their entire poker program from game structure to software fundamentals. I'd definitely take the BRM signup bonus and check it out at the very least.

Besides that it's good to see / hear from you again and I hope you decide to hang for awhile. I know you used to be quite the poster with good advice and poker stories. Stick around!

I hear you're pain! I remember when there was Americans on Pokerstars, we had tourneys like the NAPT Passport leaderboard races,, even freerolls were awesome including the Big Game series of games. Since Americans left, i feel like Pokerstars has given up on us too( Canadians ) in search for a"New Love" Yes we are legally allowed to play, however pokerstars doesnt offer alot of value for us, oh heck it's even tough to get a decent reload bonus anymore. Sorry for going on and on, but HURRY BACK MY AMERICAN FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Us Canadians need you too

Cheers to all Mobsters, thanks for reading this rant!!!!!!

I hope that the situation with American players get resolved sooner rather than later. Having one of the most important markets out of the poker community is not good for anyone interested in playing poker.

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