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Ive spent the last five days searching for an odds calculator but everytime i dl a no deposit calculator they seem to throw in u need to deposit money on a specific site for a license. I stumbled upon a site that offers a free odds calculator , no deposit, no license required. Its a definite help to up your game and if u pay 20 dollars u can upgrade your odds calculator with a pot odds calculator , stealth mode for playing at work and a few other goodies as well.
They will also accept the upgrade payment from a poker site wich makes things easier.

its definitely worth a try and if it makes u some money u might just want to upgrade it !!!

Anyone whos intrested check out

Compatible with

Absolute Poker
Party Poker
Poker Stars
Poker Time
Titan Poker
Paradise Poker

Pretty much everything but ultimate bet and pkr Dollar Dollar Dollar Dollar Dollar

Edited by radley666 (07 May 2008 @ 19:28 GMT)

Are you affiliated with that site at all???? Sounds a little like that in all fairness.

IMO, there should be no need for odds calculators. They are very flawed in a couple of very basic ways.

1) The range they assign villain is totally unrealistic.
2) They do not change "your odds" based on villains range.
3) IMO they encourage people to play a little passively.

People really should just get pokerstove and learn what equity they actually have vs realistic ranges for the villain in common situations.

Not doing this is burning money imo.

LOL im definitley not affilliated with this company i just think any begginers lookin for some direction could use this as a learnig tool and its helped my game out quite a bit so i have to give it the thumbs up

And i Agree no one should need a odds calculator but I bet thats what Barry Bonds said about the Steroids lol. And if the poker sites had a problem with them they would be banned.

But they dont teach u to win they teach u not to loose !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jesus no, I was saying that odds calculators are silly and useless imo. Not that they're ethically wrong or anything.

Its just imo that odds calcualtors are founded on fundamentally wrong concepts, so that they are not technically correct at any time. You would be much better off assigning a range to a villain and knowing roughly the equity you have vs that range. This would usually give you a better answer than that supplied by odds calculators

odds calculators are really useless...

yeah i think so, but may be there is something interesting?
does somebody check it?
anyway i'll try to use it may be it helps me
thanks man anyway

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