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Hey everyone
Thanks for taking a peek at my Blog. Firstly I would like to make a note and thank BRM for providing me with the starting $10 and get me started at this poker site. Give me your advise through your posts I'm glad to hear them. This is my second blog, I made it separate from my other blog for it has a different subject than my first one. In this Blog I will update my daily bankroll, progress towards the goal (required for the hold to come off my bankroll) and some major hands. Along with the occasional Milestone.
-Let's Begin.

22 days LEFT of 30 to complete these goals;
BRM100 7,500 / 7,500 PPs $100.00 / $100.00 18/02/2013 20/03/2013 00:00 GMT COMPLETE
500 PKR points == 100%
Deposit $10 ==== Complete

Below is a list of my Daily Bankroll logs, along with the milestones achieved in that particular day.
=DATE OF TRANSACTION===============BankRoll=================
18/02/2013 11:45:41 Bonus Payment ----- $5.00 $5.00
18/02/2013 11:45:41 Bonus Payment ----- $5.00 $10.00
18/02/2013 22:08:16 Bonus Payment ----- $5.00 $39.87<=END of Day One (1st Bonus Payment)

19/02/2013 17:58:49 Bonus Payment ----- $5.00 $11.95 (2nd Bonus payment)
19/02/2013 20:03:51 Bonus Payment ----- $5.00 $18.45 (3rd Bonus payment)
19/02/2013 22:43:35 Table 49095519 ----- $38.90 $61.56 <==END of Day Two

20/02/2013 04:00:37 Bonus Payment ----- $5.00 $63.57 (4th Bonus payment)
20/02/2013 23:59:00 Table 49105374 ----- $24.65 $44.49 <==END of Day Three
21/02/2013 01:18:16 Bonus Payment ----- $5.00 $116.08 (5th Bonus payment)

Day Four =OFF=

22/02/2013 21:57:59 Bonus Payment ----- $5.00 $102.47 (6th Bonus payment)
22/02/2013 22:01:01 Table 49141052 ----- $27.12 $129.59 <==END of Day Five

23/02/2013 22:41:18 Table 49155817 ----- $117.00 $176.48
23/02/2013 23:11:11 Bonus Payment ----- $5.00 $183.34<=END of Day Six(7th Bonus Payment)

24/02/2013 20:21:02 Bonus Payment ----- $5.00 $207.27 (8th Bonus Payment)
25/02/2013 01:20:41 Bonus Payment ----- $5.00 $186.53 (9th Bonus Payment)
25/02/2013 02:34:12 Bonus Payment ----- $5.00 $186.58 (10th Bonus Payment)
25/02/2013 02:56:52 Table 49173353 ----- $21.05 $178.38 END of day Seven

25/02/2013 18:42:58 Bonus Payment ----- $5.00 $189.68 (11th Bonus Payment)
26/02/2013 01:26:10 Table 49189281 ----- $25.00 $160.65 End of day Eight

26/02/2013 22:28:11 Bonus Payment ----- $5.00 $169.15 End of Day nine (12th Bonus Payment)

28/02/2013 01:20:06 Table 49221776----- $13.05 $162.20 End of day ten

01/03/2013 05:21:21 Sportsbook Bet $5.00 ----- $110.20 End of day eleven

01/03/2013 22:11:48 Bonus Payment ----- $5.00 $93.48 (13th Bonus Payment)
01/03/2013 23:50:39 Bonus Payment ----- $5.00 $117.14 End of day twelve (14th Bonus)

02/03/2013 21:35:52 Bonus Payment ----- $5.00 $164.93 End of day thirteen (15th Bonus)

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Thumbs Up gj so far keep it up man gl at future tables Cool

NIce one!

just finished this one myself... You started only from original $10?

Nice one indeed. This site looks interesting, I will be trying it out for sure Big Smile

yes I started with an original $10 for free after I made it up for $50 I made a $10 deposit so I could start accumulating the members points/bonus

Hope, you've used the first deposit bonus... You will start acomulating points for dep. bonus after you finish BRM promo. Good luck!

I don’t know if I got it very well, but taking a look at this numbers seems like you’re running very well. You are being able to release the bonus payment really fast, I guess you’re only playing there and you probably aren’t doing anything else except playing. You are doing it very well, this are the kind of results most of BRM users would like to see at their own accounts, keep up the good work.

Yeah it's a good offer. You need to rake $3.7 to release a $5 increment. Means you can actually earn $1.3 just to be BE after each session. If you also count your earnings - you get his result.

Downswing will come eventually, be warned. I'd suggest you then secure your roll by moving down in limits. Especially on CG, money comes and goes away really fast.

Thanks For clearing that up KowKain. Thumbs Up I appreciate your advice, I should have read the post a little sooner Tongue haha I'm down a little bit on my bankroll but I'm still up there.

I took the day off yesterday from
PKR (I had to work a double shift) I will post my results for today at the end of my day.

Blog and bankroll updated above.

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Doing well I see. See my suckout didn't cause that many problems for you afterall Tongue

Keep on grinding!

So I really got loose today and ended up where I probably should not have been. But as you can see above it was a huge benefit to my bankroll.

So here goes todays play-of-the-day Blink . So I was browsing through the tables and seen that there was more activity than usual at the $1.00/$2.00 tables. My original intent was to observe the professional PKR player "Welllbet" and how she played her game. After watching only a few rounds I seen there were at least 3 loose Donkies at the table going all-in on horrible odds and Re-buying with $100. My urges got the better of me and I sat down with the minimum $60.00 (48% of my bank). I obviously should not have been there, but hey what the heck. After playing two rounds and down -$6.00 on my bank I was pretty much ready to leave the table due to lack of good hands. Throughout this I watching wellbet double her Bank by hitting pocket K's two separate times in the two rounds. I decided to play one more round then leave the table.

(BB) A6 off
6 outs
Button raises 3x Blind
I call -I really should not have called this raise.
FLOP: A 8 6 (Rainbow)
I check
Button player checks
I raise 25 % of the pot
Button player re-raises
I 4Bet
Button player shoves his stack all in ($102) LOL (I only had like $5.00 left at this point)
I call
Button player show two pair A's and 5's
I Show
River is unimportant
I win the pot $117

I left the table just before BB hit me again. lol okay now go ahead lets hear what you have to say (I'm expecting hate) but whatever the case tell me you thoughts, opinions, just make a post. Later guys! good luck at the tables!

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Well you got balls I give you that. Buying in with half your roll - insane, My neighbour is just like that. We "discovered" poker together and are junkies for it ever since Tongue
He took the hyper-aggro, learn by doing approach, whereas I took the painfull one - studying literature, Holdem Manager, forum, etc. --> The main difference was I followed bankroll management, he didnt.

Long story short, we've both developed a habit of depositing regurarly, have played about the sametime: hes down 3000€, I'm up about 600€. Thats 4400$ minus. Don't jump limits, no matter how juicy the game is.
Lol, the juicier it is, bigger roll you need, cause people get lucky,you know. Tongue

Anyway nice hand!

I'd play it differently, mainly 3beting preflop, then cbet 3rd pot on flop + call raise, shove turn.
Given that he checked, you could be in serious trouble by the turn, and that 5 really brings some nasty combos out. But as played, u cant fold here - you are comitted.
But honestly, you got lucky there. Smile

So, no hate... Blink

GL on felt, come down to NL4 sometimes, we'll play Blink

Alright so today I played it safe and I still had a huge success. I joined 9-Max $0.05/$0.10 with a $10 Bank at the table I was playing for nearly 2 hours at this table. After a decent up I left the table with $33.32 ! I had a couple of lucky wins, hitting the strait on the river with one and just having some nice callers donating to me. Thumbs Up

Today was not a successful day at the tables for me. I got 2 bad beats today... but like I have learned I should be upset about the bad beats because that just means my opponents are playing exactly how I wanted them to- Bad. Sometimes they get lucky but if I keep playing the way I should be then in the end I will continue to win. Gl at the tables! Thumbs Up

I played my first sports bet on PKR and won, I went on the Chicagoblackhawks they are undefeated!

BONUSES ACHIEVED. IM DONE ACHIEVING MY BANKROLL GL AT THE TABLES. It was a fun experience and I have met some friends along the way. Thanks again BRM if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have got the sweet bankroll that I have on PKR!

Woow looks great. Starting with 10 $ to get to this is pretty awesome. KEEP it up mate, you really can make some money there and it looks like some bonuses really are useful Smile

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