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So after writing one thread on betting, I have decided to delve a little deeper & write another about betting & different types. In the following I will go over some different bets, & there possible uses. I may miss some so bare with me, & feel free to add anything you think I may have forgotten. So here we go. Here are a few I thought of off the top of my head.
Min bet: This one is pretty self explanitory, it is the minimuim amount you can bet. Though I am not a big fan of the min bet, deep in a tournament when blinds & antes are very big. The min bet can be an effective way to open a pot with the minimuim amount of risk.
All-in/Shove bet: Another self explanitory bet. This is betting all of your money/chips, everything you have. This bet works everytime except for the last time. I personally try to avoid the all-in bet unless absolutely neccessary.
Blocking bet/Protection bet: This is a bet made you believe your opponnent will just call & not raise. These bets are made to prevent your opponnent from making a larger bet you are not willing to call to draw to your hand.
Semi-Bluff: This is a bet made when you believe your hand has "outs" to win the pot.(Ussually you want to have a "nut" draw when making a semi-bluff) These bets win you the pot in one of two ways.
1) Your opponents fold.

2) An opponent calls you, but you make the "nuts" by the river.
The Sqeeze Play: This one is a little bit more of an advance play. It requires you to have a decent handle on your opponnents style of play. A squeeze play refers to when a pot is opened in front of you, & another opponnent has just called showing weakness. The squeeze comes from you re-raising the initail opening bet. This forces the initail raiser, & "caller" to have a strong hand having to play the rest of the pot out of position. Note, these kinds of plays require you pay close attention to your opponents. These types of plays are less likely to work against a "maniac" or "calling station", & if you abuse the play. A decent player paying attention will four-bet you out of the pot & make you pay for your discrecions.
Alright mobsters thats all I got for now. Like I said feel free to add anything you thought I forgot. Thought this would be a good start though. Until next time Mobsters GL on the felt.

Oh I almost forgot about a very popular bet!
The continuation bet or c-bet: This is when you have opened the pot pre-flop, & when the flop comes reggardless of whether or not you you hit the flop you continue to bet. This bet sort of backs up your story. By opening pre-flop you were telling opponents"I have a good hand". The c-bet tells them, "I still have a good hand". Often times if you have made it heads up, this c-bet will deter your opponents from calling not just from the bet, but from the potentail of more bets on later streets. okay that is all. Cool

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