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Hi. I thought I'd share this hand with you. It's a freeroll and I'm not really bothered but this kind of pissed me off.

NLTexas Hold'em Trny:79394695 Level:11 Blinds-Antes(250/500 -50) - Friday,February 22, 00:52:04 GMT 2013
Table UK The Million Qualifier Speed (3021312) Table #15 ( Real Money )
Seat 8 is the button
Total number of players : 9/10
seat 1: andy-swansea ( 22,720 )
seat 2: neeyala29 ( 25,896 )
seat 3: meredin1 ( 26,693 )
seat 4: F0x_money ( 34,008 )
seat 5: t3mp3st99 ( 9,625 )
seat 6: colinsingh ( 480 )
seat 8: YoursNightmare ( 11,651 )
seat 9: eddien123 ( 625 )
seat 10: dazdaz74 ( 90 )
Trny:79394695 Level:11
Blinds-Antes(250/500 -50)
andy-swansea posts ante [50 ]
neeyala29 posts ante [50 ]
meredin1 posts ante [50 ]
F0x_money posts ante [50 ]
t3mp3st99 posts ante [50 ]
colinsingh posts ante [50 ]
YoursNightmare posts ante [50 ]
eddien123 posts ante [50 ]
dazdaz74 posts ante [50 ]
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to andy-swansea [ 8h, 8d ]
andy-swansea calls [ 500 ]
neeyala29 calls [ 500 ]
meredin1 folds
F0x_money calls [ 500 ]
t3mp3st99 folds
colinsingh folds
YoursNightmare folds
eddien123 folds
** Dealing Flop ** [ 6c, 2d, 4s ]
andy-swansea bets [ 1,120 ]
neeyala29 calls [ 1,120 ]
F0x_money calls [ 1,120 ]
** Dealing Turn ** [ 7d ]
andy-swansea bets [ 4,200 ]
neeyala29 calls [ 4,200 ]
F0x_money folds
** Dealing River ** [ 8c ]
andy-swansea checks
neeyala29 bets [ 14,000 ]
andy-swansea is all-In [ 16,850 ]
neeyala29 calls [ 2,850 ]
neeyala29 shows [ 7h, 8s ]two pairs, Eights and Sevens.
dazdaz74 shows [ 2c, Js ]a pair of Twos.
andy-swansea shows [ 8h, 8d ]three of a kind, Eights.
andy-swansea wins 47,050 chips from the side pot 1 with three of a kind, Eights.
andy-swansea wins 650 chips from the main pot with three of a kind, Eights.
Player dazdaz74 finished in 83.

Now as you can see I won but honestly I should never have called that river. I could have folded and still been above average chip stack and I nearly folded but it was really for lack of caring anymore. But what annoys me is that the guy should never be betting that river. He has showdown value, he doesn't think he's bluffing, and I nearly folded to what would have been terrible play on his part. Only a better hand could call so why did he bet. It nearly paid off but it's so so bad. Just a badly played hand all round lol and I might end up hitting the prizes because of it. Smile

how do you suggest that he should have played?

Why the s**t would you consider folding the river? No flush got there, there's straights possible, but as played, it makes no sense he'd be drawing to it.

What beats you: 35, 5x, 95 - of 5x hands, only A5, 65, 58, 57, 54 seem possible

He's got a loit of random two pairs here, that get pushed on the river (donk mentality, ok board is wet now, I'll shove and if he got me, he got me... otherwise my 24 twopair is da nutz) + smaller sets

He'd raise the limped pot straight draw IMO, to try and steal it... Besides, it'sfreeroll, it's speed, it's qulifier - basically donk fest Big Smile not so bad a call IMO.

Only so many chances you get in a MTT, and you need the boost because of rapid blind increases.

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I think I would have called the river, depending on what i knew of my opponent....... but here your call seems a perfectly good call....its a freeroll and you have nothing to lose with a pretty good hand.....has he bet throughout like he had a straight draw?

you say that you never should have called the river but what about your preflop play, flop and turn.

Limping from early position w 88 is not a very profitable move, unless it's a very passive table.
On an agressive table you have to fold against a raise because otherwise you will be playing out of position.

On the flop you can make a continuation bet of 1/3 pot to make the other players fold there broadway cards or Ax cards.
Pocket pairs will not bef olded on this flop i think. 22,44, 66, 99, TT, JJ are beating you. 33 and 55 will not fold either i think because they have a gutshot and showdown equity. QQ+ and AK would probably have raised preflop. Other hands that could call are suited aces A6,A4, A2.

2 players call your raise on the flop : at least one of them must have a hand or some kind of draw.
The turn brings you a 7, so now 77 beats you too. This time you make a cbet of 2/3 of the pot which is on the large size i think.

1 player calls your raise (i don't know if he was a fish) but when he calls your double barrel he must have hit his hand anyway.

The river brings you trips so now you beat a lot of his calling range : you beat amost all of the pocket pairs, even QQ, KK or AA which he could have slowplayed. The only pocket pair that has you beated is 55 (straight). T9 has you also beaten but i don't think that he would have called you twice with that.

So i don't think that your call was a bad move at all. ¨I would probably have put him all in instead.
But that's my vision on this hand Blink

I see your point but we always have to take in consideration calls like this. Some of your opponents just showed they didn’t care with the game they were playing, although they should have been playing quite nice until that point. But I think this should only be considered a donk call if it was a real money game.

Indead if this was at a real money table .... with some decent players.... it would not be so normal to make that call....
As it s a freeroll it s simple --> chipboost or out of the freeroll

freerolls are really a different type of game

I had an interesting 'Donk Call' moment last night. There I was having some really crap hands and watching loads of all in play pretty early on that I went all in with A6s with A27 on the board. (regardless of any odds calculation, I didnt fancy my chances but others had won with far less all in shouts) and got called by A 10 o. Another 2 then a 5 came out and i lost courtesy of 10 v 6. i was laughing cos Inkinda knew I would lose......... the idiot called me a donk! I tried tommale sme witty response but was unable cos they had once again gone all in on some crap cards.........

The moral of this story?

The player who called me a donk is a KNooooooooB!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was obviously a bluff, if you didnt hit the 8 you would of folded he didnt know you had pocket 8's, seems to me the donkey here was you, and you are lucky you didnt get hurt.

Edited by xSCOTTIEx (24 February 2013 @ 10:23 GMT)

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