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North Korea today vowed to launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike against the United States in retaliation for a new sanctions against the rogue communist state currently being considered by the United Nations.

North Korea state media warned of a 'thermonuclear war' as an unidentified spokesman for Pyongyang's Foreign Ministry said the North will exercise its right for 'pre-emptive nuclear strikes on the headquarters of the aggressors' because Washington is pushing to start a nuclear war against the North.

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The White House said North Korea's threats would only lead to Pyongyang's further international isolation and declared that the United States was "fully capable" of defending against any North Korean missile attack.

Okay, first why would someone downvote his post? This is actually a good share, so Thumbs Up to you samtoace.

On another note, this is very very scary indeed. As it's mentioned in the article, Korea has ties to China, which has ties to Russia. If Korea launched first, of course the US will retaliate, which would get china involved. And of course the Americans responded in equally immature fashion. I don't think it's a good idea to taunt someone who can potentially end every life in your country. This scenario needs to be handled in a diplomatic fashion, or we could all be dead very soon.

Dun no if tra think this will actually happen, doubt Russia will equip them for this, they certiantly cant do it, but can expect anouther test coming up, good for a LOL.
It all just flexing muscle, they wont last long at war with the US, but its on the cards.

If North Korea will start the attack, China will never be on korean side against USA. Korea is isolated country. But USA needs China to lend money same as China needs USA or Europe to export their sh1t...

They were saying in the news that China is irritated by North Korea's rhetoric,.... They've got a good thing going with the U.S......pretty sure they will not allow little pip-squeaks to interfere with that...!

Aside from having bad hair-doos,...those Korean leaders are complete lunatics, but I don't think they are suicidal...

Personally,...I find it quite funny,..... It's like a little mouse threatening an elephant.... lol...

The problem for Canada is, if one of those shoddy NK missiles went astray and inadvertantly hit Canada's west coast,....and THAT is a good possibility...

In that event,.....we'd just send Dudley Do-Right of the RCMP over to eliminate the problem...

Big Smile

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