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Hey guys,

just thought i would let everyone know there is a freeroll today at 16.00 WET (Reg starts at 15.00) where the top 100 finishers get a ticket for the big Micro Millions main event later on tonight.

Its for PS Poker School members only (which is easy enough to join if you have not already) and is in the Private tab the same as BRM freerolls.

Got to be worth a go with the chance to get into some big money Big Smile

hmm be nice but cant find this tourney

Thanks for the heads up i might just have to give this one a shot Blink I imagine it will fill up pretty fast and 5000 people is a lot to get through. but definitely still worth a shot.
Good luck all Thumbs Up

Posted by photolong:
hmm be nice but cant find this tourney

In the PS lobby its in the Tourney then Private tabs Big Smile

just found it!
PokerSchool - MicroMillions Freeroll
18:00 EET

thanx for the info mate, odds 1/50 are not bad
it looks like a very cool free satellite Thumbs Up Smile

i had a look at that and it says that you have to pass an mtt quiz before the 23rd march to get a ticket into the freeroll.
i'm a member of the poker school but i might not get a ticket. Aww crap!

yea i just saw the same
Win $22 MicroMillions Ticket

You can earn a ticket to our special MicroMillions Freeroll, with a chance to win a ticket to the MicroMillions Main Event ($22). Simply pass our MTT Quiz before 23rd March 23:59 ET and receive your freeroll ticket.

The PokerSchool MicroMillions freeroll will take place on the 24th March at 12:00 ET. You can find this satellite tourney in the PokerStars client under the 'Tourneys' > 'Private' tab.

March 24th - PokerSchool MicroMillions Freeroll - Tourney ID #703502188

If you have any questions about the MicroMillions Freeroll please feel free to ask them in our discussion thread in our Forum.

Wishing all of you the very best of luck in the series!

Important Notes:
Ticket issuing: You will receive your ticket into your Pokerstars account within 48 hours after attending a training or passing the quiz

Read more: Win $22 MicroMillions Ticket – Poker School Online: Learn Poker Strategy, Odds and Tells Freerolls

I've got my ticket!!! Big Smile

I atteneded the video tutorial. That's all you had to do,....just sit and watch and listen to a pro play while he explained his method hand by hand in a MM $5.50 buy in event last Monday. He fell far short of the money by the way. Big Smile

I'm just patiently awaiting the start! Can't wait.... Pretty good odds of winning a ticket. I originally thought it was the top 200 get one, but even top 100 is good.

There' will likely be many sitter's out too,.... I liken them to the slower cars on a racetrack that are getting lapped,....they're obstacles in the way,...and have no chance of winning.

Would be nice to win a ticket into the BIG ONE!!! Smile

yeah looks like I will miss out too.

probably just as well, in-laws round again for dinner, don't think i will get away with laptop on the dinner table two days running lol

I am now playing at FTP and i'm going to have a big event here at 18h30, which is thew $5,000 First Depositors Freeroll. I still haven't had a chance to use this ticket and i'm going to have it today, so i just hope i can use it well. But i guess i may have some time before to go play on this one you're talking about. Thanks for the tip mate!

fakiry , you have 10 such tickets to the 5000 $ first depositors freeroll , so you can play it 10 times not just once.

I will play the Micromillions Freeroll for sure, hopefully I win one of those 100 tickets into the Main Event, we will see if variance is at my side Smile

It loooks like you needed to achieve the set task before midnight EST yesterday to get the ticket for this freeroll. So gutted I missed the promo due to work last week and not really being able to play so maybe have to push my $22 right in there and see what comes up...... taker inspiration from Steve in Ronin's short story!!

yeah I'm gonna miss out too Disagree
Been a member there since 2009 but never bothered with it! just passed the 1st two basic quiz's tho and i didn't even have to study. Ain't i a clever boy Tongue lol

Only seen this at 12:30 this morning ¬_¬.

I played on last tourney was the same last 100 win a $22 entry for main event,was registered only 500 and i was busted out on 324 :|

Well, of this post,...there's 1790 registered, it looks like about a 1 in 18 chance roughly to score a tic!

10 minute extended registration will bring that up considerably,....but hey,'s a 5 minute turbo, winning a pot or 2,...and by letting them all frantically knock each other out.... not a bad chance I figure!

Shove fold 4tw.

I shoved and couldn't look,........but THEN.....

HOPEFULLY,'ll be enough...

PokerStars Hand #96073792551: Tournament #703502188, Freeroll Hold'em No Limit - Level XIV (800/1600) - 2013/03/24 13:11:36 ET
Table '703502188 171' 9-max Seat #2 is the button
Seat 1: hoody84 (12839 in chips)
Seat 2: foksman (12006 in chips)
Seat 3: Koobide (6966 in chips)
Seat 4: raner1958 (10683 in chips)
Seat 5: j.niv.avlis (14337 in chips)
Seat 6: Rewi900 (21122 in chips)
Seat 7: josejuanmex (12656 in chips)
Seat 8: demodawggy (3850 in chips)
Seat 9: ercens777 (10491 in chips)
hoody84: posts the ante 150
foksman: posts the ante 150
Koobide: posts the ante 150
raner1958: posts the ante 150
j.niv.avlis: posts the ante 150
Rewi900: posts the ante 150
josejuanmex: posts the ante 150
demodawggy: posts the ante 150
ercens777: posts the ante 150
Koobide: posts small blind 800
raner1958: posts big blind 1600
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to demodawggy [Kc Ac]
j.niv.avlis: folds
Rewi900: calls 1600
josejuanmex: folds
demodawggy: raises 2100 to 3700 and is all-in
ercens777: folds
hoody84: folds
foksman: folds
Koobide: folds
raner1958: folds
Rewi900: calls 2100
*** FLOP *** [3d Kd 9c]
*** TURN *** [3d Kd 9c] 4 of clubs
*** RIVER *** [3d Kd 9c 4c] Jack of hearts
*** SHOW DOWN ***
Rewi900: shows [Qs Js] (a pair of Jacks)
demodawggy: shows [Kc Ac] (a pair of Kings)
demodawggy collected 11150 from pot
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 11150 | Rake 0
Board [3d Kd 9c 4c Jh]
Seat 1: hoody84 folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 2: foksman (button) folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 3: Koobide (small blind) folded before Flop
Seat 4: raner1958 (big blind) folded before Flop
Seat 5: j.niv.avlis folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 6: Rewi900 showed [Qs Js] and lost with a pair of Jacks
Seat 7: josejuanmex folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 8: demodawggy showed [Kc Ac] and won (11150) with a pair of Kings
Seat 9: ercens777 folded before Flop (didn't bet)

No such luck.......killed in 145th Confused

Edited by demodawggy (24 March 2013 @ 17:32 GMT)

Did anyone here at BRM get anything from this freeeroll? I iised the freeroll opportunity and then missed the chance of playing on the main event cos got tied up with family and work business so arrived back here too late to register. Oh well......$22 to play elsewhere.

I saw several familiar names in the list who got a ticket,...but I'm not sure if any of them were BankrollMob members!

Would have been nice to win a ticket. The freeroll was full of hungry animals all eating each other like rabid dogs.... Evil Some pretty aggressive play going on...

Oh well, time I guess!!! Smile

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