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well as the heading says i reached an mtt final table last night on stars.
it was $1.10 rebuy with 2479 entries and it was a slog but after a few scares (there's usually 1 or 2 )
i was there,the final table!!!
i was in 9th place with just over 1million chips the next 2 above me had 1.6 and 1.8 respectfully,i thought if i could double up quickly then i would be right in the mix and as the blinds were 75,000 / 150,000
i couldn't sit about too long, well anyway i was on the button when this guy min raises,he had already raised and won the last 2 pots just by raising,so i've got 7-10 diamonds and i figure he's just raising with nothing so i go all in trying to steal the blinds,well the blinds fold but he doesn't he calls me,then he turns over AA,oh s hit Shock
the flop could not have been better for me (well it could have but you know what i mean)
qd 9d 8s
so i have flush and straight draws but when you really need a bit of luck where is it ?
i miss the turn and river and i'm out,but i'm not unhappy i got through over 2,000 players to reach the ft and i got $93 so all in all i was very pleased.
Big Smile

gl to you all on the felts Thumbs Up

nice work there Thumbs Up

That's a great result. Congratulations. Thumbs Up
It really is hard work to do so well on there with all the bell ends getting lucky lol. Lets hope you get a few more and do a bit better Big Smile Thumbs Up

Thumbs Up great job

Nice one and a hell of a return for a buck Smile
how long did it took to get to the FT?

such a great result Smile But I believe you were pretty sad that you were so close to win much more, cause you know the biggest differences of prizemoney are on FT ofcourse Smile I am also interested how long it took to get on FT in this tournament. It was turbo I guess?

Posted by lukasb:
Nice one and a hell of a return for a buck Smile
how long did it took to get to the FT?

the tourney lasted just over 4 hours,so probably 3 hours.

Very nice result. Buy in tournament with almost 2.5k players is really something.
Too bad you didnt last longer.
That 7-T probably not the best choice to go all in, but hey better luck next time Thumbs Up

Posted by Weenie:
such a great result Smile But I believe you were pretty sad that you were so close to win much more, cause you know the biggest differences of prizemoney are on FT

aye,next place up was worth $165,then $250,so it could have been a bit more but i'm still happy with what i got.


aye i know Mober,probably shouldn't have done it but i thought he would have folded as it was he had the aces. Shock

ty anyway

You could stay out for at least a round with you stack to see if anyone else would go
Almost double the money you were getting there, but you never know ..... Smile

Congratulatiosn mate, you did great if you ask me Smile

Well, as always it could have been better but if you think how much was the buy in you turned out a nice profit Blink

Nice job teddy, good to hear and see such a good result for you. That is tough to! To sit through 2000+ players and make it to the final table and come out $90+ ahead. Very nice!

Keep it up and post your next good finish. Always enjoy reading about the Mobsters doing well!

Yes!!! Nice return on investment!!!

I was in that tourney,...and usually do well. It seems to be very forgiving,...but LAST night I got HAMMERED out pretty early!!!

Aww crap! Smile

Really great job. Congratulations. Thumbs Up

Congrats m8, how much was the 1st place prize? if u get $93 i think were more than 1K Aww crap! and wonder why the soft don't give you a flush or straight there for more money... but that is ... like they said: WE ARE POKER ... nvm, congrats again for winning and hope next time u play HU for 1st place Thumbs Up

PokerStars Tournament #708199930, No Limit Hold'em
Buy-In: $1.00/$0.10 USD
2479 players
Total Prize Pool: $9852.00 USD
Tournament started 2013/03/29 0:00:00 WET [2013/03/28 20:00:00 ET]
Tournament finished 2013/03/29 4:06:42 WET [2013/03/29 0:06:42 ET]
1: alexei6501 (Russia), $1577.76 (16.014%)
2: skivalhot (Canada), $1182.24 (12%)
3: mamadanai (Greece), $886.68 (9%)
4: Hoppi777 (Germany), $610.82 (6.199%)
5: sajeron (Serbia), $443.34 (4.5%)
6: tuga72 (United Kingdom), $344.82 (3.5%)
7: Cindy85 (Germany), $246.30 (2.5%)
8: KyleToronto (Canada), $167.48 (1.699%)
9: teddybears73 (United Kingdom), $93.59 (0.949%)
10: triplyx (United Kingdom), $73.89 (0.75%)

all the pay-outs there Doarulle,shame i didn't do as Mober suggested but there we go.
and ty.

congrtulations!it is always feels nice getting to the final table.anyway it is a little sad you were out.
But 93$ is also great money,so you did well.great job Thumbs Up
good luck on next final tables Big Smile !

Congrats teddybears73 . nice job.

But what I dont understand; why the hell do people publicly tell how much money they have won?
I can only think of one reason; it doesn't happen very often lol

I would never tell anyone how much I have won.

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