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I like to try and satellite into tourneys if possible .. just trying to find low enough ones for my bankrolll at the moment is a prob as i had a long break and just back a couple of weeks .. and only deposited $10 on stars

but had a bit of luck on the zoom 1c2c cash tables and won a few $1.50 sng NL omaha H/L .. so had been trying the 44c rebuy to the $8.80 NL omaha H/l mtt

first attempt i was bubble boy .. and was sick grr next attempt fell short 4 away from the seats but last night with just a buy in and a addon managed to get a seat

so in total for 3 attempts spent about $3.20 ... max being a buy in one rebuy and a addon

by the time satellite was over game was running 36min so was straight into the game but with 10min blinds wasnt a problem

made it to the money comfortable enough ... just lost a biggish hand just before bubble to make it a little uncomfortable but more or less straight after bubble doubled up to 16k and the again to 32k and then again to 64k ... stayed around that amount for ages and one player on table got uber agg making it difficult .. but any good strong hand i got i called ... and after loosing about 4 to him finally got all my chips in on flop and doubled up against him ... couple of hands later doubled against him again and then cleared him out
had 176k chips and in 1st spot only to be sucked out again and drop to 56k grrrr
finally after about 5 hrs i raised got re all in by a big stack and called and it was a coin flip as we both had pretty similar hands ... but unfortunately he hit and i lost

out in 26th of 1000ish and got $36 for my efforts ..

overall very happy as i hadent even paid a full entry price and i got very deep and it was my first time to play this mtt ... first spot got around $1.4 k ... so as we all know it still sucks to get that close and loose but theres always next time

hopefully ill manage to satellite in again ... will be trying .. and never know might do better next time

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