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Hello everyone..
I have a question about pokertracker 4 and tournament fees..

In the stats I can easily see how much I have attributed rake in cash games so I wonder if there's a way to see how much I have paid in tournament fees too..

Im just curious to see the numbers but it's not really that important to me since I can check it in sharkscope too..

But anyways is there a way to see the amount of tournament fees paid in PT4 ?

It might depend on which poker site you're playing on. I use HEM-2, rather than PT4 and I know with PKR for example, due to the way the HH is produced, the only way to accurately track MTT/SNG is to manually enter some of the data.

So I would imagine it is the same with PT4, it would only be able to track so far as the information supplied in the Hand Histories. The problem with MTTs/SNGs is that the entry amounts, fees and prizes aren't always included in HH - PKR for example only exports the chip counts and each time you change tables it starts a new HH file, so it basically can't be (accurately) tracked - unless you actually manually update HEM-2 with the information.

If you're playing on a (major) site that includes the fees in the HH file, then it is probably possibly to sort/filter for it.. But if the site doesn't include that in the HH, then there's probably no way for PT4 to know it.

Yeah thanks for reply jess.. Im currently playing the majority of my tournaments on TitanPoker, and their hand histories include the tournament buy-in+fee .. Im just not sure how I can see the total fees paid .. but as I said it's not that important, im just curious Smile

Sharkscope will tell you - if you have a look at your 'scheduled' graph on 'scope, there's an option to view it without fees/rake.

You can definately check it out both on HEM 1 and also HEM 2 which i both own!

I never tried PT4 but i think it's possible, you could always make a post on their forums which is actually pretty good Blink

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