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I made a cashout request on action poker $300. And today i see that it is denied. I asked the support why its denied and they tell me, you have to reach 400 pop in your account. Well that is funny, because i have made 1400+ so far.
But when i asked for my first bonus, 1100 pop got absorbed and left me with 300+. So now im not able to cashout
This sounds abit dumb imo, my advice is. If you wanna make a withdraw. Do it before you ask for the bonus. Since they will absorb your points, and then you "havent" met you witdraw requirements

LoL what a scam, when sites do stuff like this I just wonna win even more, withdraw and never play there again Evil

It was a nice nd-bonus from actionpoker but ,Im sorry , this pokerroom
is one of the worst I ever have seen.

made the same xperience there, one of the worst sites ive seen..

Its not a scam, but i need to make more points cuz i dont have enough now, since they got absorbed. You need 400 points to cashout, i know im not far from the 400 points. But still, its kinda lame.

Ya, my points I made were just gone. Than I clicked POP history and it said the points were transfered to the bonus. So I guess you have to 1100 points for $50, another 1100 points for another $50 and 400 points to cashout the $40 you received initially..I think.

i think that action poker is not bad...and the initial bonus is very can play because 400 point is not impossible to do Smile

Yes, but its not nice that they absorb your points.
That is like asking people to withdraw before getting the bonus. When you get the bonus that you already completed in cashgames, you have to complete another 400 points to take any cash out. I dont see any fairness in this..
So why not take ALL your money out, before asking support for bonus (Cuz you need 1100 pop to get the bonus. And then you can cashout cuz you have the 400 in your account). Then you get the bonus and you can see if you can play them free for the 2nd time so you can cashout those too

Anyway, on my way to the 400 points i made another $50 to cashout Tongue
Omaha ftw
Evil Worship

Edited by etna2007 (16 May 2008 @ 15:16 GMT)

Hi Guys

All account that we accepted haev now been paid, we have credited just over 1000 accounts.

Good luck and enjoy the bank roll.


Bloody hell, this site pisses me off

Thank you for visiting our Member Services Area.
Please wait for a site operator to respond.
Welcome to live help, my name's Agent, how may I help you?
etna2007: Hello
Agent: Hi
etna2007: I have made a deposit on $25 and made 400 pop
etna2007: I wonder if i can get the bonus?
Agent: May I have your username and email address please?
etna2007: etna2007 xxxxxxxxx
Agent: One moment please while I have a look at your account.
etna2007: ok
Agent: I'm sorry for the delay. I'll be right with you. Thank you in advance for your patience.
etna2007: np
Agent: Thank you for waiting. I'll be with you in just a moment.
Agent: What bonus would that be?
etna2007: The $25 bonus
etna2007: for depositing
etna2007: Or i dont have that?
etna2007: It said on the homepage if i made a deposit ill get a $25 bonus
etna2007: and need to get 400 pop
etna2007: to get it
Agent: One moment please
Agent: These is the situation
Agent: You have now two pending bonuses
Agent: First the $50 bonus of BankRollMob
Agent: That is the last $50
etna2007: do i need to clear that first?=
Agent: You have completed 389.4 POPs out of 1100 and 25 Days left
etna2007: 401 pop
Agent: Then you have the 100% bonus also pending with 0 pops there and 55 days left
etna2007: ahh ok
Agent: No, you are looking at your normal balance of POPs
Agent: There are tow
Agent: two*
etna2007: ?
Agent: In order to check your bonuses please go to the main lobby, My bonuses/Pending bonuses
etna2007: nothing there
etna2007: And how is that? 2 pop balances?
etna2007: Sounds weird
etna2007: Im confused now
Agent: There are POPs you earn when you don't have a bonus and there are pops you must accumulate to redeem a bonus
Agent: In order to check your bonuses please go to the main lobby, My bonuses/Pending bonuses
Agent: There you should see 2 pending bonuses
etna2007: How in the world can i have only 389 points?
etna2007: When i have 401 in my balance
Agent: Because there are 2 POPs balances
etna2007: Yes?
etna2007: I still have 401 in my balance
Agent: Yes
etna2007: So why isnt it equal?
Agent: There are POPs you earn when you don't have a bonus and there are pops you must accumulate to redeem a bonus. The POPs when you have a bonus go straight to bonus in your case 389.4 out of 1100
Agent: So the bonus 401 you see are the ones you earned before you had tha bonus
Agent: that*
etna2007: I havent played without pending bonus
etna2007: So why is that?
etna2007: I still have 1100 bonus
etna2007: left
etna2007: when i reach 1100 pop i mean
Agent: You can use those POPs to join freerolls, but the POPs in a bonus are only to redeem the bonus
etna2007: I havent spent any pop
etna2007: And i have always had a bonus running
etna2007: So i dont understand what youre saying
etna2007: How can i have 12 less points in my balance?
etna2007: It doesnt make sence
Agent: There's a special situation in your case
Agent: You had to make 400 pops to be able to cash out the $40 you received in the first place
Agent: You earned them
Agent: 401
Agent: And cashed out
Agent: Those first $40 are not a regular bonus that you can see in the bonus area
etna2007: what?
Agent: In fact those 401 pops should be removed because you cashed out the first $40 you received
etna2007: ??
etna2007: That doesent explain why i have 12 less
etna2007: And why they are not equal
etna2007: I should had made 401 toward my 2nd bonus
etna2007: not 389
Agent: Those amounts are not the same
Agent: 401+389= 790
Agent: You've made 790
etna2007: Now im really lost, my first bonus i made 1100 pop
etna2007: on the same balance where i have 401 now
Agent: Ok now you only have the 389 in one of your pending bonus
etna2007: lol
Agent: The 401 POPs should be removed when you requested the cashout
etna2007: Why 401?
etna2007: Only 400
etna2007: Jesus
etna2007: nevermind, ill delete this site right away
etna2007: This makes no sence at all
Agent: I think I've explained in details what your situation is. Now you have 2 pending bonuses in your account
etna2007: Why do you take 401 points eh?
Agent: You can check the status of them in the main lobby, My bonuses/Pending bonuses
Agent: You had to complete 400 POPs to be able to cash the $40 you received from us
Agent: And you did
etna2007: So i have to pay you 1 more for the troubles?
Agent: So those 400 POPs are taken
etna2007: I payed 401
Agent: Are you complaining for 1 POP?
etna2007: Yes, arent you the one who's running a site?
Agent: Because I can give it to you right now
etna2007: do that then
Agent: Done

Can anyone explain to me what he was trying to say? He never told me how i can have 12 points more on my balance than on my bonus balance, which seems very weird imo.
Im gonna delete this site now, cuz of this support that first of all he didnt explain to me properly whats up with that. 2nd he took 401 points instead of 400. Yes its only 1 point, but the price fo cashout is 400, not 401.

But if its like that they need to say it? And they didnt? Or.. ? :S

Sounds like you earned 790 points total. 389 of that was credited towards the 1100 and was taken away from 790. And supposily it costs 400points to cashout so thats where your other 400 went, they ripped you off 1 points looks like. Did you receive your cashout money?

Ive made a total of 1501.70 pop. They took 1100 from my first bonus. And 400 from my cashout (yes i got the cash) and left me with 1.70 pop's.
I dont see why/how i could made 389 toward 2nd bonus, when it sayz 401 in my balace.
They told me that its 2 diffrent balances, i understand that. 1 balance will always count nomatter if you have a bonus or not. The other one is in the bonus section, and this one counts as soon as you have a bonus. From what i understand.
But!!! I got my $40 free from BRM, and with that free br there is a bonus too. So how can i have less in my bonus acc? Than in my balance? there is a 12 points diffrence. Its like my bonus pop's has been on standby while my balance pop's kept counting

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