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small win but still its a win   0   
Finally after lots of rotten luck in various tourneys lately .. from 5 card draw( min cashes and even made it to 12th) to nl 2-7 single draw and even got screwed on final table on omaha h/l to end up knocked out in 4th ...
I just won a 50c 360 player game ... got $33.29 for my trouble ... it was my 6th attempt at one of these with one min cash.
Barely scraped into the money but started to get very aggrisive then to build up my stack ... and managed to suck out other players for a change in two big hands ... first chip leader min raise and im in BB with 4,4 re all in .. he calls 77 only for a 4 to come on flop ... shortly after i get A,7 in SB and push all in on BB who calls with A,Q and i flop a 7 ... and after that and down to final 3 i quickly win ... and was very happy to hit a win again after what feels like a long time.

will be continuing to play this game and hopefully will mange a win or at least a final table

Hey GREAT for you,.......those prolonged dryspells can REALLY get you down and questioning yourself just wtf are you Makes you want to throw the cards up in the air and say 'Screw It'... Thumbs Down

THEN,....the poker gods put a little $33 worm on the hook.... Evil

Need I say more...? lol...

I hope you can turn it into some serious cash!

Dry spell over....??? Big Smile

Good for you Big Smile How long as that winning tourney lenght? And I supposed you were talking about pokerstar but you didn't specified it... Am I right Smile

Anyway good for you and keep on going and building a huge stack Dollar Dollar

it's not that small mate Thumbs Up

well done on getting a win and hopefully (for you ) the start of something good.
best of luck at the tables.

That's nice, win $33 from $0.5 is awesome, if you win daily that amount i think you can win over than $1000 in a month, which is not bad, but if you play higher and win $333 daily that's COOOOL Cool over than $10.000 in a month Big Smile GL and hope you wil daily even $100/day

ok time for a update first off .. yep this game is on Pokerstars ... wanted to find out if i could do it again or was i just lucky ...

Not a easy one to answer ... this game plays similar to the 10c version and can be incredibaly frustrating ... filled with unreal suckouts terrible players and will make you want to rip your hair out lol

After a further 18 games i hadnt even come close to reaching the min cash and was seriously wondering what do i need to do to even get a min cash

Between my big hands getting re all in pre and loosing to rubbish or not being able to get into a hand as one would raise and 3 or 4 others would call ... it was very frustrating

but finally on my 19th attempt ... lol yep 19th things went in my favour and managed to reach the min cash and after that things moved quickly along and reached the final table withouth too much effort

And ended Heads Up after a pretty quick final table but was the short stack .. finished 2nd for $24.30

so have played 25 of these games for a total of $12.50 cashed 3 lol .... a 1st a 2nd and low place cash for a total of $58.96

Giving a profit of $46.46 in two days playing ...

will have to keep doing these and see can I improve my cash rate ... and to see if i can keep winning enough from them to make all the loosses worthwhile

Nice one buddy Thumbs Up I'm sure the more you play the more you can adjust to how others play and go further more often.
Good luck Thumbs Up

G'day mate

Way to go amigo.
Congratulations to you for making it to the money.
Any money finish is a good one.
Yes running deep is what we all hope for but winning is always better than losing.
Keep up the good work and you will make a final table sooner then later.

Be cool and best of luck

Ronin Cool

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