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The aim of these bonuses are to attract you to the site that is all, they are not giving away money the cash you win while playing any bonus will stay on the site until you have completed the agreement you should have read through completely and understood.

Unless it is your intention to play regular on that site or any site after such a bonus were it may be possible to play through the agreement before withdrawal do not deposit the $20 you are just adding another $20 to that sites bankroll.

It is a dangerous area to go because although the intention at first with many is to have a go and cash out after which you cant do straight away you need to finish the necessary agreement to withdraw.

Most as I hope you do don't deposit and put it down to a venture that has gone totally wrong.

You will also have to be happy that you were not caught under the addiction of gambling on those sites has a small few are and that is the start of a long journey to get out of the addiction, every hour you will be thinking, I nearly won say 500 bucks, that is how it drags you down and you will if caught in the trap return with your rent money, money for food and then stealing to carry on gambling.


you right Peter, don't play slot at online casino, they totally rigged. NDB just like that ! they make impossible for us to reach withdrawal requirement. Even I got deposit bonus is the same way.
Play poker is much better Smile when lost is not too much

Hello simon6 and Serpang,

Thank you guys for your replies and support!

Yes, of course I will not deposit to a casino site. I never deposited at casino sites bacause I think it is too dangerous. Sometimes I play with these NDB offered by The BankrollMob. But that is all. Yesterday I played on GoWild Casino with these 40 free spins and I won $100. But it is the same story. I have to wagger 30 x $100 to be able to withdraw. So I will never deposit at casino sites.

In my life I played in real casino only once, but I was tourist and I wanted too see how it looks like. the Casino of Monaco it was. Smile

So, I don't have an addiction to real and online casinos. Smile Instead of that I preffer playing hours of online poker, all day long, mostly freerolls, which is funny for me. Yestarday I won $2.70 from a freeroll and I jumped to the ring tables $0.02-$0.05 and I made it $10. Smile

Thanks again to everybody who posted at this thread and expalined me how the casino sites are working! Smile

Good luck guys!

Best regards,

You can take Casino bonuses that give a no deposit bankroll with playthrough
There you dont risk money of yours at all, and if you reach the limits you can withdraw
by making a deposit which you add to your winnings.
Before depositing though to a casino do a net search to see if it is white listed.

grate one

yes everywhere for bonus,wagering requirements should be satisfied

allways the same stories at the casinos ull must deposit more and more if ull want withdraw and at the end the same story ull loose all and ull are with zero
good luck and better play real casinos not online

this casino no deposit offers are all bull s**t. i couldnt make any bonus to play with for the start because some of them give me error when i want to download some of them dont give me the bonus after i reciveve the mail that i need to confirm. only bull s**t you cant make money out of this bonuses you only lose time

I've seen this offer and actually received and e-mail stating I have $500 no deposit bonus if it's the same thing. It sounds like it! I'm just skepticla about getting involved since I'll end up losing my rear in the long run in an attempt to cashout a $100. Which I'm sure admin won't be able to assist me with this time. LOL

Hi Peter. I never bother with bonuses like these, as they are always the same. They haven't scammed you - they just made the offer VERY difficult to understand. Anyway, here's my advice...

Option 1) Forget about it and save your $20 (that's what I'd do)
Option 2) Deposit the minimum $20 and give it a shot.
Option 3) Deposit more and give it a shot.

Now, let's go into more detail about option 2 and 3. Here's what I'm thinking...

If you were to stick to roulette, and bet red or black over and over at the same stake, here are the odds and how it's likely to work out...

Bet $2 on black - odds of winning 18/37 so 18 times out of 37 you'll go up to $22, 19 times down to $18 - on average you'll lose $0.027027027..... on every bet. Meaning you could expect to place 740 bets before going broke. In order to meet the cashout requirements, you'd have to make 1500 bets of $2 each. So you can see that although not impossible, it's unlikely you'll make it. In order to get an evens bet on clearing the requirements you'd have to stake $40.45... and that's just to have a 50/50 shot of clearing it.

Technically - it's a good bet - 50% of winning $100 by staking $40.45.... but then, I'd prefer a 100% of keeping the $20 by avoiding online casinos altogether.

Edit: as you are (and you ARE) going to lose whatever you deposit trying to unlock the bonus money - it's actually a 50/50 shot of winning $59.55 by staking $40.45. It's far from worth it.

Keep your money mate.

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BankrollMob Forum » Casino Forum » I won $100 at Casino Classic for 30 minutes :) Admin, please help me!

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