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Can someone explain me how the freerolls work in Winner Poker?  +1   
Hey, I'm new on Winner Poker, so I still don't know how Freerolls work on this site... I cannot register on anyone... There are a few of them, I know that some are only for depositers, others you need to play on other casino games to get a ticket, but there is no freeroll to simple people like me!? lol... I'm still enjoying the site with BRM NDB. But I want to play some freerolls...
Thanks and Cya! Thumbs Up
Oh and good luck at the tables (unless you play against me, sorry i'm a little competitive...)

The only thing I know about the freerolls BRM sponsers is you need to be a member to Party Poker or PokerStars I believe and then logon to BRM to get the registration number. At least that's the way I remember it to be. Since I'm in the U.S. I no longer can play in them, but still enjoy BRM.

Good Luck to All!

Thx but I was talking about Freerolls of winner poker. not BRM freerolls. I'm sorry if I wasn't clear. I don't write/speak english pretty well! but thx for you answer! Thumbs Up


You should be able to play in the daily Beginners $25 Freeroll. Its a turbo & only the top 5 places get paid. I could only be bothered to play in one. I got knocked out in 17th. So no free moolah for me there. I think there was only about 90 or 100 people. So a small field, but with only top 5 being paid its not so easy to cash, but doable. I just find it easier to win playing the Beginner cash tables myself. Hope this helps.

If its not free for all then they have specific requirements.
And there is the classic and easy way to see if you are eligible for them.
Just try to register and you questions will be answered Smile

Thx all of you for your answers! Doying what mober says, the only freeroll I could get registered was the one that MichaelGotKK says... But it didn't like it. Too much offline people, too much playing all-in in every single hand. But thanks to BRM I still have more than $20.70 and a sitngo step 1 ticket...
thanks guys!

This freeroll for begginers(new sign ups at Winner) is not daily ,just four allowed in a week.I played one ang went on fourth place,3$ prize.In that day I lost 33$ playing sng don,a small compensation for my rake.Anyone withdraw from this poker room?.I have 38 $ and thincking to deposit 10$ to request a withdraw.


hello you can play freeroll for begginers ,all players in past 90 days of signups alowed to play,,,

and play wekly 1000 frerools every saturday 23-00 cet!!

Good luck at the tables!! Blink

Well you can play that freeroll for begginners only 4 times per week, so choose wisely. I was once close to get in 1st 5 placed. We was 12 left at the tables, i was 3rd with chips stack and i got 88, 1000/2000 SB/BB, and raise to 6k, got called by some1. Flop: 5 6 7 , he went all-in. He had A8, i called , turn 10 and river ofc you are right, A. and got down to 4k chips and went out on 7th after 2 1 hour and half of playing.

You have 2 weekly freerols , $50 freeroll FR and $100$ freeroll FR, 1 weekly $500 side games ( need to wager $25 in a week, i had 1 ticket but did nothing there ) 1 weekly $1000 VIP Freeroll ( you need to be at least LvL 2 VIP, its paintfull, you start with 10k chips... i played 3 hours and got $2.10 but with it i got now almost $9, so its good ) and 1 Monthly $5000 VIP Freeroll ( same, need to be at least lvl 2 VIP ).

Its very nice with this vip sistem. I need another 50 WAPoints for LvL 4 VIP. And i have time till 1.08.2013 for it.

Have a nice day/night and GL.

L.E. You should try Speed Holdem its very nice. i won there alot, and making alot of WAPoints. Go with minimum buy-in $1 and go to the lowest one, $0.01/$0.02. Its much better than FT or PS. I rly enjoy playing here. And there are like 300+ players.

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