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So I've just whitnessed this hand on a final table on stars , and I was like wtf just happened.
I'll just explain it and I want some of your oppinions , In my oppinion it was just plain stupid , here we go :
Simply put 1 guy with 35 k stack raises to 32 k , he's left with 3 k , blinds are 3k 6 k btw , 2nd guy with 37k stack calls his raise , leaving him with a 5 k stack , less than 1 blind flop comes 3 4 10 , 1st guy with 3 k shoves ... pot is 77 k ...2nd guy left with 5 k less than 1 blind folds... I mean wtf ? u fold your 5 k left on a 77 k pot after a dry flop ? I honestly didn't have a clue what was that all about , maybe u guys have some idea.

if u don't understand sth = it's rigged

missclick or retard, choose one Big Smile

I remember something similar happened to me one time in tournament. But it was on river. Guy had around 10K stack, he bets out of position three barrels. On river he left 100 chips behind, I raised him allin and he folded.. Good bluff I guess Big Smile

Ya, see stuff like that and you wonder if the guy has s**t for Big Smile

It would be nice to be on the recieving end of that,...practically double up!

Only if poker was so easy all the time.... Big Smile

aye i had a guy do something similar,he called off about 8,000 in chips and kept 20 i put him all in and he folded Shock

Who knows what may have happened there.
From a miss click in the first call, or to the second one when the first guy went all in,
or even a collusion Smile
The thing that drives me crazy though is those silly raises.
I mean you are going to go all in after flop after all, so why not
go all in preflop?

I actually think he made that raise to scare off the table...maybe someone didn't take a look at his chip stack, and by that he probably wanted to steal the blinds with a scary raise , if u see a guy going all in with lets say 3k let's say , and u have a stack of 10-11 K with Ace and another crappy're inclined to call considering it's late in the tournament , big blinds , ante's etc. but if u see a raise of 3k , without checking his stack , you'd probably fold.

G'day mate

Well I see this kind of thing happen from time to time and it always makes me shake my head in wonder.
Sometimes you just got to laugh at the mistakes players make online.
Just be grateful you was not getting sucked out on buy the idiot who was most likely a real donk.

be cool and best of luck.

Ronin Cool

Collusion definitely collusion. Either that or they are both thick as pig sh*t lol well the second guy definitely but you would of thought its a straight all in from the 1st guy with less than 10 bigs.

I don't think it was collusion , I mean it was the final table...... so there were nice $ involved , and they weren't from the same country , I just strongly believe the guy who folded was retarded.

What about this misclick Big Smile


Took a shot, had a brain cramp and pressed the All-In hotkey instead of the fold hotkey

Poker Stars $100/$200 No Limit Hold'em - 6 players

SB: $34450.27
Hero (BB): $32885.80
UTG: $7305.95
MP: $10150.20
CO: $5975.00
BTN: $17335.85

Pre Flop: ($300.00) Hero is BB with 3 9
2 folds, CO raises to $400, 1 fold, SB raises to $4450, Hero raises to $32885.80 all in, 1 fold, SB calls $28435.80

Flop: ($66171.60) 2 3 5 (2 players - 2 are all in)

Turn: ($66171.60) 6 (2 players - 2 are all in)

River: ($66171.60) A (2 players - 2 are all in)

Final Pot: $66171.60
SB shows A A (three of a kind, Aces)
Hero mucks 3 9
SB wins $66166.60
(Rake: $5.00) Aww crap!

THE MOM called em to bed Smile

Posted by Weenie:
missclick or retard, choose one Big Smile

Usually this, occasionally it may be collusion.. But there are a LOT of dumbass poker players, for sure.

I can relate to this in a big way.

Back in 2006, I was invited to play in a 'final table shoot out' involving Rhett butler (who had just come 5th in the wsop main event.
The prize was a much sought after (at the time) chip set in a case from the site in question.

The guy was sat next to me and I bullied him the whole game. Towards the end, I had a healthy stack and he made a move on the flop shoving and leaving himself 100 chips (blinds were like, 3k by now).
I check raised him and he folded saying 'I don't want you to get the bounty on me'.

I lost a lot of respect for him in that instance. The site were apologetic (he was sponsored by them, hence the game), but were insistent they wouldn't give me a chip set.

I never did win one either!

I'd like to say a misclick, but some people make some brainless calls. Then suddenly decided they dont want to be knocked out even with 1BB left. Ive seen it happen a few times tbh

I have been chip leader in some instances in some big tournaments, ooopps i didnt mean to click moment....then I scream at the fricken laptop and now im in last place. It's happened more than once so I make sure I have a mouse to play with and not the track pad thing.
Aww crap!

I think he must have missclicked. Or else They had made a deal. Sometimes you see that. If two players who know each other end up as the last 2. They splitt the winnings. It´s not legal, but happends sometime anyway.

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