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Poker Pro Commits Suicide - Father Blames Black Friday

Matthew Anthony Roth, of Fairbanks, Alaska, made a living from playing online poker since he was 18 and had a very bright future ahead of him, but his life (and many others) changed drastically on April 15, 2011 when online poker was shut down in the U.S. by FBI (Poker's Black Friday). Roth (in the middle of the picture) spent months reclaiming his funds, which were spread around several poker sit[...]   Read more » Poker Pro Commits Suicide - Father Blames Black Friday

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This is a very sensible subject if you ask me, and i think that govs should listen this story first before shutting down online poker.

Maybe this story could hide more than it meets the eye but i think thee is no doubt that black friday had a major role in the tragic event that happend.

very sad that he should want to take his life,things might not go our way and you might not see a way out but to want to take your own life means he must have been very low,just a shame he couldn't get the help he needed.

A very sad story. People need friends, not doctors. May he rest in peace!

Our government don't give two poops who they send into depression with their controlling idiotic methods utilized in governing the people. They act as if they care about people who's lost their lives at war and through terrorism or crazy people killing kids, but they really don't care. They care about figuring out ways to get more of our money, controlling the people who are in control of their lives and giving worthless people money to live.
There are people who need assistance, but most of them don't. Audit the people on wel;fare and quit taking care of criminals that's committed savage crimes.

Anyway I'm sorry to hear about Matthew Roth and the government has done thie to more people then this, but I'll bet they don't send flowers, the FKS.

I know what it is like to feel so bad inside that things just seem totally hopeless.
I too once considered suicide and it was only because I did not want to put my friend through the ordeal of finding me that I did not kill myself. It was a long uphill climb out of that deep dark depression but with each new day things do eventually get better.
It is a same he could not find the strength to wait a little longer.
If he had things might have gotten better.
I wish his family and friends well.


Just remember guys, wasn't the US government that caused all this trouble, was some greedy slimey dirtbags with millions of dollars or OTHER people's money at their disposal... Thumbs Down

Now some folks might consider governments as being slimey dirtbags with other folks' money at their disposal,...but at least they provide services to people...

Any services pokersites provide to THEIR clients are always designed to relieve those clients of MORE their

Thousands of folks commit suicide after squandering all their assets gambling and absolutely destroy their OWN lives...AND the lives of their family and friends,...

I gotta agree with Green and demo, because the deliberate mismanagement of player accounts on FullTilt (where I'm guessing most of Roth's money was) was to blame, but the U.S. government has made it worse by deliberately taking a gratuitous amount of time to process re-payments to U.S. players. I'm somewhat shocked he killed himself if he was able to recover most of his funds, then again, options for U.S. players to resume lucrative online grinding are currently nonexistent, since the market is so splintered and payouts for those wishing to withdraw 3 or more figures at a once take an unreasonable amount of processing time.

Personally, Black Friday was a blessing in disguise for me . . . I too graduated with a B.A. in finance, and started my career in that field at the corporate level immediately after college, but quit after less than a year due to stress and disillusionment with my company's future (Eastman Kodak). I soon started to gamble with my savings, blowing most of it in live play, and even though I'm profitable online, the time I was spending playing (especially after the introduction of Rush) was unhealthy. I seriously miss big network online play, but I am so much more relaxed without cards shuffling around in my head constantly . . .

still (happily) unemployed, though! LMA0 Cool

Very sad and touching story, got me goosebumps.

This is what I think about poker, some of you will agree while others will disagree:

Since it's a game, it doesn't suit well as a career.
You need luck, that's for sure, to win big tournaments and to earn a big amount of money.
Of course skill is part of it, as in many games, but luck plays an immense factor as well.
Besides, in many cases like one in the article, poker can make you less social, especially when you play online and are hooked to it. When you lose, it gives you more stress. Mainly for those who try to make a living out of it.
Another sad truth is the fact that most players lose money, along with the high rakes paid.

That's why you should look at poker as a hobby. Have fun while you play it, or don't.
Secure yourself a stable job and if you're into playing poker, do it on your spare time.

RIP bill roth!

This is a sad story !!
R.I.P bill roth ...he is one of the victims of black friday !! there are many more think so !! the black friday have hurt a lot for the online poker players living in the us creating a havoc in them taking away their livelyhood !!! but suicide was a very bad option he could have done better ,! i think he was under great deal of stress which made him make this move !!

Very sad story! But commiting suicide doesn't resolve the problems. This is the biggest sin. As rezorcro said: People need friends. Whatever happens in our lives we have to be strong and always stay positive.

If something bad happens, we have to find the positive marks and to learn from our experinces.

R.I.P Matthew

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