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British Poker Pro Jailed For 20 Years!

Britsh poker pro Marcus Bebb-Jones, 49, was arrested at his home in Kidderminster, Worcestershire, in 2009 for the murder of his wife Sabrina, 31, in 1997. He admitted second-degree murder, telling police he killed his wife in a "heat of passion". On Wednesday, bbc news wrote that he had been jailed at Garfield County Court for 20 years, but his sentence will be reduced to reflect the time he has [...]   Read more » British Poker Pro Jailed For 20 Years!

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Good... anyone who killed anyone else should get life in prison. no excuses. poker pro or not a poker pro. doesn't matter.

i agree , but he killed her than became a pro player ^^
this world is lost

GOoooooooooood for him, i think all of that rtard need same Bounty (20 years at JAIL) never understand that kind of people... and i never wanna hear about them... Aww crap! Aww crap!

A murderer it's a murderer no matter what his profession is.

I always said that this kind of poker "stories" only bring bad image over the entire poker world, live and online.

lol his brains just stop thinking and he made dumb move so good justice and hope no more murders soon will be ( but it never happens ) in the world

I'm kind of tired of the way the whole judicial system sucks money from tax payers to indite, hold trials, and then keep murdering worthless individuals alive on our money. It's about time to change this entire legal protection program.

In my eyes, if someone is definitely 100% guilty of murder or serious injury to another human being then get them out of society. Save our money and give to the needy. Start killing these murdering fools and let it be known if one commits murder then they will die a painful slow death. You know! Maybe starving to death in a jail cell or something terrible that will make an individual think about the circumstances they will face for committing murder or hate crimes. I'm tired of paying for someone to live after taking another's life.

Sorry to those who feel different!

I'm always leary about dudes who shave their heads...

They're too intense for me,...seems to be all stressed out or something...and want you to fear Big Smile

they should HANG him by the NUTS !!!!!!!!!!!

I totally agree with "Green". I am also fed up with us paying for these idiots to live a life of luxury inside. How can we be expected to pay for their 3 meals a day, Tv, room and board!! I believe hanging should be bought back which would also give employment to some.

At least in the US you don't have to put up with the "European court of human rights" - which trust me - is another load of s**t.

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