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feeling generous  -2   
good afternoon, evening...

i'd hate to be a bother, but i am...

if you feel like being a generous man today heres your

i want to know if there is any mobsters out there that would sponsor $5 - 10 out there?...

will pay you back on the 10th, with another 5 dollars on top... Evil

usually dont ask for poker funds, but i am right now...

sorry people dont bash me out... Big Smile

if not that is fine

have a nice evening everyone...

The Croatian people talk that Canada is promised land.
How can a 23 year old man be short for $ 10 in that land? Big Smile

simple, bills.... but next week is my spending funds...

ybold, amazing question! Smile If I see posts ordering money from the most powerful countries in the world, with great economics I also wonder like you!

But if I see posts ordering money from countries like Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania I am not wondering, because I know that our countries are the poorest countries in Europe and our monthly salaries are between $200 and $400. So I find this normal.

No hard feelings Oned.
I will help you but how send PM here?

no offence take'n... lol...
thanks for helping,

i have full intentions of paying you back....

also there is no PM....

i play on pokerstars ( OnedOutAK) and fulltilt ( badhands05 ) Thumbs Up

Moneybookers account?

i dont have a moneybookers account...i use entropay... and usually deposit with a prepaid visa' card

Ok, Pokerstars then.
Confirm when you get money.
Till 15.05.2013. Big Smile

wow, pokerstars felt the need to send me $10 today...

i joke, ok mr yblod,i thank you for your kindness...

$10 received via pokerstars....

Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

like i said i have full intentions of paying you back...

I hope you make 10k from this 10 $.
Good luck. Thumbs Up

so that means i owe you 15 dollars, for the 10 you sent,....

i will see you on the thread here in a few days and give you an update

thanks again... Big Smile

big Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
to you there yblod, it's always nice when BRM'ers help out fellow BRM'ers.

Posted by OnedOutAK:

i want to know if there is any mobsters out there that would sponsor $5 - 10 out there?...

will pay you back on the 10th, with another 5 dollars on top... Evil

Hi mate.
You say 10th , i say 15th.
Just remind you that this is tomorrow. Thumbs Up

Think he made a hit'n run , he said he'll post back in a few days to give u an update , but not a word from him since he got the $ , but I honestly hope u get your $ back.

His last post is from May 9th:

He got a ticket to EPTLive.

I hope he will give you back the money. Be careful next time ybold!

reckon he got a tkt for that $1 sat on 'stars on the 15th, hope all gets sorted for you YBOLD, will be watching the thread, please let us know if all is resolved
there are plenty of mobsters in the game so will scour player list .
Gotta have faith till proven otherwise anyways............

. Angry no news not good news on this occasion? Aww crap!

Edited by devagrant (15 May 2013 @ 21:23 GMT)

Dude you're officially labeled as a hustler.
Not a problem for me to wait one or two more weaks but because you're not answering you admit you're a cheater. Sad

I really hate to see this,
a fellow mobster helping another one out , and in return they done a runner with the funds,

you ment well yblod cause in the past I have done this and been payed back
, but you really carnt trust people who beg or asks for money,
unless its a long term trusted member here,
that's why the admin has banned begging threads ,
surprised the forum didn't rip them for begging??
I hope you will get your money back if not lesson learned my friend Smile

Yea , seriously bad form...
the gobshyte did post his Stars and FT Player id here so keep the eyes peeled.

yblod- respect to you Worship , You did the 'right' thing, doesnt always get the right result but know that you reached out, helped a fellow player and poster(here). Dont make this episode change the fact that you have that empathy and decency to help out when asked by a complete stranger

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BankrollMob Forum » Off-Topic » feeling generous

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