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The Hot $11 - $1 short ¬_¬  0   
I dont want to re-roll, either half chance it on the bingo satellites
So if anyone can help me out with the final $1 i'll throw that kind person a 15% cut!

What's your id JW? I'll ship it you.

Am in the bingo myself for it later Big Smile

Its "JWRowell" Smile. Thank you very much Mr.Foot!

Ive gave up trying the sats, they make my blood boil.. haha.

Good luck getting in there! Big Smile

All done Big Smile

Just let me know when you have received it

Have done pretty well in the sats for the Hot $11and Big $11 this week, doing well once am in is a different thing though Sad

Just don't go knocking me out lol

Cheers dude.

haha ill even fold aces if i bump into you Tongue.

How do you play in the sats btw, do you just stick to shove/fold?

And the $1 is here. Smile Thanks again

Edited by JWRowell (03 May 2013 @ 15:57 GMT)

Normally just play pretty tight and let the donks do the hard work for me.

If i can limp in with decent hand to hit set or flush i will.

There's always plenty ready to call all the way down chasing a gut shot or 2 out wonder that can be picked off.

I got my ticket yesterday and only saw about a dozen flops (some of those free from BB)

Won all the hands i went to showdown with, after winning my first 3 people were folding to my raises quite often which makes it a lot easier. Once you have 15-20k you are pretty much guaranteed a seat Big Smile


No probs, good luck Thumbs Up

How did you get on JW?

i bubbled the sat this time, bloody river! Aww crap!

Edited by Bigritefoot (04 May 2013 @ 10:25 GMT)

I think hi did not play, just took the money and fled to South America. Big Smile

"...just took the money and fled to South America..."

Is that what happened to our friend MarcWinz....? Seems buddy purloined a few bucks from somebody here and we haven't seen him since... Confused

Posted by yblod:
I think hi did not play, just took the money and fled to South America. Big Smile

Lol, that would be hilarious if he done a runner over a $....but I doubt someone would do that Confused Smile
But hey we have witnessed quite a lot of people doin runners over a few $s recently, so you never know..though in my opinion it is stupid not to repay it because you never know in the future you might need more than $1 and people are more likely to lend to you if you pay it back.

Hmm it is a strange world we live in Confused

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