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need advice on this scenario  0   
This is a scenario that happens alot to me. I'll have two pair and my opponent will be on a flush draw. Example: I have Qd 5h. Opponent has Kc 3c.
Flop comes:Qc 10h 5c. I go all in to protect my hand. Opponent calls on a draw and sure enough another club comes on the river and he takes the pot along with all my money. My bankroll can't take to many more of these beats.

So I'm thinking in this situation from now on, I should just bet the pot. Then if I get called and I think I'm still ahead on the turn I should bet half the pot.
Then if I get called again and there is three to a suit or a scare card I should just check. Then if my opponent makes a big bet I will fold. Yes I took a hit this way but at least I didn't lose my whole stack.

Any advice is appreciated.

The only advice with the few clues we get is SELECT your starting hand, and dont call with that kind of hand Q5off.

But you should tell us if you play sng, CG...

And maybe you could post others hand that give you headache more detailled.

With your stack, blinds, how do you read your opponnent etc...

if you are sick and tired of losing your whole stack against people drawing then my advice is, bet the flop and puch all in on the turn, a flush draw with an overcard on the flop is usually pretty good against a top pair sort of hand. ie you guys are close to 50 50 (i know you are a favourite but lets just assume its even)

if you bet the pot on the flop they call, if they hit you can get away cheap, if they miss this is where i push all in, because instead of winning about half the hands odds say you should win about 3/4 of the hands, ie you are 75 25.

also i know lots of people who know how bad it is to call a big bet with one card to come, if you would be happy to get people folding to you and just taking down a medium pot then this is more likely to happen on the turn.

see if you can implement this into your game and get back to me on if you think it is a successful strategy for you.

the reason i think this is better than just betting half pot on the turn is because depending on stack size you will often be very pot commited with something like two pair, and may feel that you have to call their river bet, but if they end up with K high they will never call your river bet. ie when you win you will only win a small amount but when you lose it will often be your whole stack,

BankrollMob Forum » Off-Topic » need advice on this scenario

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